New 'Water for Elephants' Stills. Beautiful Jacob

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A Sweet Rob Story - If true.

TheSunUK  MOVIE vampire Robert Pattinson stunned a busking tramp – by buying him a new guitar.
The warm-hearted Twilight star had spotted the down-and-out's tatty acoustic as he put money in a collection tin.

Minutes later R-Patz, 25, who plays cold-blooded Edward Cullen, emerged from a music store with an electric guitar for himself and the red acoustic for the man. The British actor's generosity was witnessed in Los Angeles by holidaymakers Luke Jones and girlfriend Kirsty Rowlands, 22.

Builder Luke, 24, of Bridgend, South Wales, said: "We were gobsmacked when he handed the acoustic guitar to the tramp.

"Robert quickly went back to his car and drove off.
"The busker was totally shell-shocked. He had no idea who Robert was – I think he thought the guitar was stolen.
"He was looking left and right, half expecting the police to arrest him. We asked him to play but he couldn't get his thoughts together."

R-Patz, worth around £32million, plays piano and guitar.
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Ok now, do we fault 'holidaymakers Jones and Rowlands' because they chose The Sun, a UK tabloid to share their story? lol Well, did it sound less legit? lol Whatever. Real or not. This is a sweet story. And coincides with Rob's latest trip at Norman's - we can at least commend the tab's research guys if they were making this up. lol

The 'tramp' mentioned here is not like the American 'tramp' ok? lol More like a homeless person to our Brit friends.

Googled, Luke Jones yes, he is a 'Builder in Bridgend' At the very least a real person. :)

Possible Ninja Sighting: Kristen at the Playstation Event in London?


DolphGB So, there I am at the #PlayStation event in London, and Kristen Stewart walks by. @Nixemus saw her too, so I know I wasn't imagining things. No smiles @Majiesto. She was her usual self. A little ball of awkward shyness and bewilderment. cc/ @Nixemus :-)
@pattstew24 With some friends I think. It was in London. She came and went pretty quickly. cc/ @Nixemus
@Lucy_Stew About 2 hours ago I guess.
@flippyluv About 2 hrs ago. She was there to experience the PunchDrunk 'shock theatre' event put on to help launch Resistance 3 on PS3
@Lucy_Stew We were asked not to, but a pro was there to take shots so just search the Interwebs tomorrow I guess.

NixemusWhat a night! Kristen Stewart AND Nathan Stewart-Jarrett at the same place! And all thanks to #PlayStationAccess and @MusterBuster!

Another sighting, 'unfriendly' though

RTs via patronuska cupidscloud

Like the guy said, professional photogs were around to cover the event. Hopefully, pics will pop up. Maybe here at the Playstation Access Official FB

Water for Elephants DVD/BluRay - US Release Date. November 1, 2011

The Official Water for Elephants Facebook just confirmed the release date of the US Blu-Ray/DVD

Just announced!! Water for Elephants will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand November 1st!! 

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Pre-order your copy at Amazon-US

Details about the extras via filmonic

· Feature Film
· Special Features
- Robert Pattinson Spotlight
- Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
- The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen
- Working Without A Net – The Visual Effects of Water for Elephants
- The Star Attraction
- Raising the Tent
- Secrets of the Big Top
- Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Writer Richard LaGravenese
- Theatrical Trailer
· Live Extras
- Exclusive: Stars of the Circus
- Bluoray Highlight: The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen
- Theatrical Trailer
- Live Lookup
- Digital Copy


· Feature Film
· Special Features
- Robert Pattinson Spotlight
- Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
- The Traveling Show: From Page to Screen
- Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence and Writer Richard LaGravenese
- Theatrical Trailer

Gossipgyal/ via RPLife

Marisa Quintanilla (Huilen in Breaking Dawn) talks about working with Rob and Kristen

She worked directly with Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella).

“It was surprisingly amazing and easy and just so easy, breezy, cool and casual,” she said. “They had no attitude; everybody on the set was just kind, generous and in a way that I was just really taken aback by because these people are so famous.”

In spite of how some media paint Stewart out to be a snob, she was anything but, Quintanilla said.

She was just the sweetest thing. She was really nice and shy, if anything,” she said. “She’s so much like (her) character: shy, a little awkward – in the cutest, most endearing kind of way.”

And Quintanilla had nothing but praise for Pattinson, too.

“Rob, as well, (was) just so nice and soft-spoken. Neither of them is ever loud or getting all the attention or anything like that on set,” Quintanilla said. “They’re just really quiet and do their job and nice to everyone.”   Full interview at TheMonitor
ToR RPLife

The characters, Huilen and her nephew, Nahuel will appear in Breaking Dawn 2.

Old 'Water for Elephants' Still- Now in HQ

Click for HQ
Previously posted as LQ back in April.

Click HERE at RPMoms for more info about the 'Water for Elephants' Italian Blu-Ray and DVD (Release date: September 13th).

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News about the 'Water for Elephants' DVD/BluRay US and Aussie Release Dates.
My pal, Gossipgyal emailed @FoxHomeEnt about the US release date and she was told that it will be on November 1st. Let's just wait for the official press release so I can announce it 'officially', at least we now all have an idea when.

"Confirmed: The street date for 'Water for Elephants' within the United States has been announced and is November 1, 2011 via Fox :)That previous tweet was a email message from Fox confirming the US DVD release date for 'Water for Elephants' "

While according to @Mel452 the Australian DVD/BluRay will be released October 12th.

Michael Welch Tweets about Kristen's W Mag. Paris Seen with Kristen's W.

Michael Welch tweets about our Kristen being in W Magazine... and addresses haters.

"BTW, have you all seen Kristen on the cover of W this month? Holy Moses, she looks AMAZING! Incredible picture."
Sweetly, Michael's tweet was RTed by @Twilight

"BTW to you haters out there, I'm well aware of what "amazing" means. There are varying degrees you nitwits. I hiked the grand canyon, rim to rim. THAT was truly amazing. I'm not completely shallow and empty. But in the context of a modern day magazine photo, I think she looks classic and stunning (or to put it another way, amazing).
I know I should just ignore you, but you irritate me. Sorry everybody. Hate to bring this into our overwhelmingly positive community. I'm sure some day I'll let stuff like that go without a second thought. I'm young, I'll learn. Have a nice day, nitwits. :)"
via robwardkrisella

Not the first time that Michael was on the defensive, he also did so in 2010 backing up both Rob and Kristen against different media speculations. 

On the lighter side, Paris Hilton was papped carrying Kristen's W Magazine. Cool.
Thanks to AdeleStew for the HQ Pic.

RobSten FanVid: I Love You More

Vid by Patty13Mai Thanks Maika, I've been  missing your vids. You always 'freshen up' old clips. And Belated Happy Birthday!
Music: Love You More by Raccoon

For Minuschi, GfG and to all our friends in Germany. :)

'Water for Elephants' DVD/BluRay - UK TV Spot


This again!  Support Rob and the Cast and grab your WFE DVDs once its out in your respective countries/areas.  Or pre-order your copy at Amazon-US / Amazon -UK

Possible Ninja Sighting: Rob Spotted at Soho House Last Night?

According to this FB Page this guy prepared Rob's dessert, a chocolate sundae, at Soho House in West Hollywood last night. Yup, still in LA. By the way, BFF Sam Bradleysamueltwitt1 turned a year older August 29th - thus, the birthday candle? Probably so. Yep, your guess is as good as mine. Sweet hobo britpack is sweet!


FB Page via cupidscloud TodoTwilightSaga and ppompam

Christina Ricci talks about Rob "He's so professional"

Christina Ricci mentioned Rob and 'Bel Ami' in a new interview with Modern Luxury Dallas

"As she heads into the fall, Ricci is already generating buzz for her role in another period piece, Bel Ami (at press time, it's yet to be picked up for distribution) in which she, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas get to take turns being entranced by Robert Pattinson. "He's great; he's really an awesome guy. I had a lot of fun working with him," says Ricci. She goes to say that, despite captivating legions of teenage girls everywhere (along with most of their mothers), Pattinson maintains a respectable on-set ethic. "He's so professional," she continues. "He comes to set with no expectations or attitude. None of those things you worry someone of his level of fame is going to have."

Scan by @Ms_Cuppyvia RPLife

RobSten FanVid: Proud/Protective R/K Part 2. She is Love

Another lovely vid by Libenet If you missed part 1 Kristen's POV- Fear of Heights Click here

New Breaking Dawn Still - Bella, Renee and Charlie

Click for HQ
Aww I have tears like Renee. Bella is so beautiful and so ready to marry her Edward. And Charlie, looking dapper in his suit, is a proud dad.
HQ On Imagebam
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Taylor talks about Kristen as Snow White

The HollywoodReporter asked Taylor at last night's MTV Video Music Awards about SnowStew.

"Kristen is gonna be cool, edgy and dark [Snow White]Its gonna be something new for her and I think that's really exciting." Watch the video HERE

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New/Old Vid of Rob and Kristen in Lapa - Filming Breaking Dawn

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Possible Ninja Sighting: Kristen at DieselUK Party?

This site, mentioned that Kristen was at the Diesel Island Ambassadors Party.

"It was Carnival madness within the confines of 8 Chepstow Villas yesterday afternoon with an exclusive house and garden party to really make the most of the bank holiday weekend. There's nothing better than seeing journalists and stylists in a drunken mess - so amusing. But no judgement here of course!

Notable guests included Kristen Stewart - sorry no R.Patz - Jaime Winstone, Nick Grimshaw, Florence Welch, Vanessa White and probably more that I missed during the bass-heavy debauchery. A fun Sunday no doubt - shoes are ruined but on a plus I will be doing some fabulous cooking with Diesel branded olive oil . . ."

From lasagarobsten/malenacasey, May or may not be Kristen. *squints really hard* lol Sorry but I can't really tell.
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Tweets about the sighting...
@mishchips "Omg Kirsten Stewart from Twilight was just here!!!!" August 29th
@scallop_cheeks @JoeTheDough @misterjk I want to say no but... It's *v* notting hill and v awesome. Jamie Winstone is DJing off Nick Grimshaw.
@Lucy_Stew not with r-patz! She was with another girl I didn't recognise. "Kristen Stewart fans going wild for the the @Diesel_UK Ambassadors party news on A La Male - shame I didn't snap a photo :P"

HannaHanra "did anyone else see Kristen Stewart at the @Diesel_UK House Party at yesterday's #carnival??"
@richardstorer @diesel_uk apparently so, in a hoody in the kitchen. A few people saw her...."

Diesel_UK@richardstorer @HannaHanra YES she was there! Kristen Stewart spotted: @Diesel_UK Ambassadors House Party

Though the organizer, RicharedStoner(Head of PR and Comm, Diesel) didn't really see her.
HannaHanra @diesel_uk ERM NO?! was she really there? Was she hiding or something?!!

And cupidscloud explains, "Jamie Winston was a guest at Diesal along with Kristen - shes daughter of Ray Winston aka SWATH dwarf :D"

via whf_violet cupidscloud sparkybitchface KStewAngel

Unbound Captives to film Spring 2012?

Our friend @Larry411 tweeted this latest production info about 'Unbound Captives' with Rob's name attached  to the project and filming to start Spring 2012. Very interesting, since we're all waiting for any news about Rob's latest project but I guess I will wait for more confirmation regarding this, probably like an official press release confirming Rob's involvement. But yeah, this is still 'good to know'...

Latest official production info on UNBOUND CAPTIVES --
STATUS: Spring 2012
LOCATION: New Mexico
PRODUCER: Ashok Amritraj - Gil Netter
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Madeleine Stowe
LP: Grant Hill
CAST: Hugh Jackman - Rachel Weisz - Robert Pattinson
The year is 1860 and a turbulent America is on the brink of a civil war. The story tells the volatile, epic tale of Tom, a white frontiersman, raised
Comanche and his love for May, a woman whose son and daughter are kidnapped by Indians. Their parallel lives intersect as they battle through a
vast and violent landscape, bound together by their deep love and haunted pasts, their willfulness, and a relentless search to find her disappeared

@flippyluv Did it get money (funding) Larry411 I don't know. That's the info they issued.
T @flippyluv: is it officially going ahead? Yes, according to the producers

Last update via JoshDickey of Variety August 13, 2011-Saturday. "He's attached. That means if and when they make it, he's informally committed to be in it. First reported 09. I spoke to the producer Thursday. Rob is still attached to the project. Now financing has to come together."

New/Old Pics of Rob Signing for Fans- Outside Kimmel April 2011. Arriving at Regis

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Outside 'Regis and Kelly'
I'm not sure if these were posted before. Anyhoo, nice pics.
GalleryRU via diariotwilight pattinsonladies

RobSten FanVids: Chasing Pavements - Feat. Rob. Funny Moments with Rob and Kristen.

Love Adele and Rob, of course. Here's one of my fave, Chasing Pavements with pretty Rob pics. Perfection!

Vid by francies67

Cute and Funny Moments with Kristen by fave chickenpoxxx Part 24

Funny Moments with Rob- 2011. I don't think I've posted this compilation yet. BellaCullen728

MyAnna Buring talks about Kristen, Rob, and the Breaking Dawn Wedding

At 1:55, "Kristen is amazing.She's a really, really awesome girl.She's cool" About Rob 3:00 "I think its because he is beautiful inside and out"
On Bella and the wedding gown, "Stunning, breathtakingly beautiful, Its perfect, perfect Bella."

youtube KStewAngel
Our Tanya is a sweet girl! 

Taylor at the MTV VMA Pre-Show "I was definitely kissed by Rob"

youtube BreakingDawnMovie

The MTV VMA is happening right now and Tay is out to promote 'Abduction'. Short and sweet Rob mention.

The Kiss Collage. lol via ROBsessed 

Water for Elephants Stills

These stills were posted HERE before but were Tumblr edits, here are the original stills.

via RPLife More non-Rob stills at source:Water for Elephants UK Facebook

Rob's WFE Shirt Being Auctioned For Charity

The Official UK Water for Elephants Page on Facebook will be auctioning off  Rob's shirt that he wore in 'Water for Elephants'. Auction will be between September 3rd to the 13th. Click here  for more information.

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via via

More New Outtakes of Rob. The Brown Leather Jacket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Lots more cute Rob in his brown leather jacket after the JUMP. 

New/Old FanPics of Rob

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Old/new fanpics of Rob from 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011. Lovingly compiled by Mandy of RPLife. Thanks hun!

Tons after the CUT

RobSten FanVid: Make You Feel My Love

Here's the same fanvid via vimeo.

Make You Feel My Love from melg0510 on Vimeo.

Really sweet video by Melg0510 Adele + R/K= Win!

Hurricane Irene is still being a toughie. To our friends in the affected areas, be extra safe you guys.

Water for Elephants UK DVD and Blu-Ray Review


 Click for bigger.

Review of the 'Water for Elephants' UK DVD and Blu-Ray from 'DVD and Blu Ray Review' Magazine October issue. Difference between the bonus featurette of the DVD and Blu-Ray, explained.

Scans Gossipgyal via RPLife

This again!  Support Rob and the Cast and grab your WFE DVDs once its out in your respective countries/areas.  Or pre-order your copy at Amazon-US / Amazon -UK

On The Road "Won't be Ready for Any Fall Festivals."


Nothing new about this, but yeah...

"Like Bailey, Luddy doesn't read scripts, but he keeps in close personal touch with directors. This year he's been tracking his pal Walter Salles for "On the Road," but Salles told Luddy he's still working on the sound and won't be ready for any fall festivals." via @larry411