Breaking Dawn Full-Length Poster


Bigger poster via via RPLife
Full length of the Breaking Dawn Comic Con Poster
According to Jack_Morrissey,  this is just a promotional poster and not the theatrical poster for Breaking Dawn.
From Movieline This is just key art. "While you wait with bated breath to see what Summit unveils as their actual official poster, take a gander at newly surfaced key art that sees nine familiar characters in their new Breaking Dawn garb."

More from Jack_Morrissey compiled byTink of ROBsessed
That's another promo poster and not a theatrical poster.
Bill's role in this poster: no he doesn't sign off on that stuff.
The theatrical designs I got to see were very pretty
How long until we see them: You don't have to wait that long...
On wanting a more romantic poster with E/B and less stiff: You're going to get what you want.
On BD theater poster: It won't suck. Promise.
Regarding Bella's hair: I honestly don't think you'll have any complaints about that in the movie...
Again, there'll be lots more to choose from in a couple months, give or take.
Of course there will be more posters, but whether you like them is yet to be determined!
Fan stating all they really need is one good pic of E/B how hard is that: They're comin', they're comin'...