The 2 Breaking Dawn Part 1 Clips to Hit the Web Next Week?


According to TheHollywoodNews the two Breaking Dawn Part 1 clips that were shown at the Empire Presents Big Screen Event over the weekend and at Comic-Con in July will hit the web next week.

"Onto day two and straight into the EOne Panel which saw us promised some clips from TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1. We had a bit of an issue in terms of getting to the two clips, but indeed they came just as the Sony panel was about to begin. Saturday was the day that we started live blogging the event and yes, we ran into a little bit of trouble in being allowed to do this during the Sony panel which we respect 100%, but that did affect us nearly missing said two TWILIGHT clips. (...)We have been told since however that these clips are all set to hit the web next week, so do keep it THN as we will post them just as soon as we get them. Read more at THN

via Breaking Dawn Movie

Fingers crossed. Can't wait to see those clips in HD, esp. the Honeymoon teaser clip.