Rob, Kristen and David Slade on the Eclipse Set: All Work. No Beers

EONLine- MarcMalkin If Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were ever bothered by the constant paparazzi and tabloid attention to their private lives during the making of Eclipse, director David Slade says he didn't know anything about it.

And even if he did, Slade wasn't about to get involved in any of the dramarama. It's not that he didn't care, but…

"We had a very tight schedule so there wasn't much time to be too sympathetic, to be honest,"  "We had to go. We had to shoot. We had shoot after shoot after shoot. We had a 50-day schedule which isn't normally what you have for a film of this scale."

"So we just had to crack on," he continued. "If anything, there wasn't time to go, 'How are you feeling today? Are you all right? What's going on?'"

They were so busy that Slade says he never even had the chance to get to know Pattinson, Stewart and the rest of the cast too well. "All the time we spent together was working," he said. "We never hung out and had a beer. We were rehearsing. If we weren't rehearsing, we were shooting. If we weren't rehearsing or shooting, we were sleeping."

Even so, maybe we'll see Slade directing another Twilight movie one of these days? Sure, the Breaking Dawn flicks are supposed to be the last two installments of the megahit vampire franchise, but Slade laughed, "There was only going to be three James Bond movies, right?"

At least David is honest. Why am I missing Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke so much? lol Oooh hopeful about 'Bond reference' comment.

David Slade Shares More Eclipse Info. Talks about an Early Wedding And More

Next Movie Any Twi-Hard knows that Bella Swan’s extravagant wedding to her handsome vampire suitor occurs in the beginning of series closer “Breaking Dawn” — chapter three, to be exact.

But according to David Slade, the director of the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” adaptation, it might have come a little earlier on the big screen.

“We discussed a lot of the things at the script-writing stage — at one point, we were even going to shoot the wedding at the end of ["Eclipse"] but we knew there was another film coming,” Slade tells NextMovie exclusively.

We knew that a lot of that could go into the next film. And we just made the most concise version of this story that we could.

LA Times caught up with director David Slade, who steered the third installment of the franchise, as he reflected on his whirlwind year in the Twi-universe. After all, a year ago at this time, Slade was only a month into editing the flick.

"Finishing the film is a moment of great weight. It's not just getting it cut, it's when the final print is timed and there's nothing more to do," he said. "It was the night before we did our press junket we finished it."
Finished staring at the famous faces of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, that is. Slade, whose pedigree is in music videos and darker indies such as "Hard Candy," said he did his best with the "Eclipse" DVD to please the vampire saga's legions of fans.
"This is the only thing I've ever done that's had such a fan subculture, so with the deleted scenes I wanted to do a little justification for them," Slade said.
Chief among the scenes cut from the theatrical version of the film was an exchange between Stewart's Bella and her on-screen dad Charlie, played by Billy Burke.

[Spoiler alert!] The two have a bonding moment after her high school graduation, one of Bella's last mortal activities before Pattinson's Edward follows through on making her a vampire.
"It's all in Billy's face, when you watch the film 30-odd times or more, there's more in his face than in his words," Slade said. "I was so confident that was going to make it in, we did it in one shot. It was two people trying to be as close to each other as possible."

MTV David Slade talks about the DVD special six-part making-of documentary.

"I can't remember it," he admitted rather sheepishly. "I do remember having to watch it to approve it and stuff."

"All credit due to the people who made the behind-the-scenes. They were almost invisible when we were making the film. They really were exceptionally discreet. So I can't remember them ever being there," he said. "I noticed them with a camcorder every now and again. I remember grabbing a hold of it once or twice and gesturing into the camera, but other than that, I don't remember them being there. You could attribute this to old age."

500DaysofRK/KStewAngel and gossip_dance

From Collider , here are some excerpts.

David on his fave scene to shoot...
"There are favorite scenes or moments, and there were things that were just predictably fun. The scene where Charlie (Billy Burke) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) have the discussion in the kitchen, which starts out as trying to explore whether she understands this need for marriage and turns into this admission of being a virgin, was genuinely fun because both actors have great comic timing. It wasn’t about going in to find the joke. The joke was there, and everything was actually a bonus. I remember that being tons of fun. 

Do you feel it was a help or a hindrance with Eclipse that the cast had already been together for two previous films?
SLADE: It was a bit of both. Yes, there is something absolutely wonderful to build upon because they’ve done it before. But, the way it worked for me was that I met each actor individually and asked, quite honestly, what worked and what didn’t work, so we could excise what didn’t work and build upon what worked. And with so little time to shoot the film, and pressures of the schedule and weather, and all the rest of it, it certainly wouldn’t have been as successful, had they not been through this before.

Read the full transcript of the interview at Collider

New Pic of Rob at Norman's Rare Guitars in LA - November 27, 2010

Norman's Rare Guitars Facebook "Thanks Robert Pattinson for stopping by Norman's Rare Guitars on Saturday. Robert bought a Fender Stratocaster John English Master Built Zebrawood Guitar! Enjoy that amazing guitar!"

via Alice_inTwiLand
Older pics of Rob at Norman's

Eclipse Stills From the DVD Gallery - Some New, Some Old


New Fan Encounter With Rob, Kristen and Taylor

From kristenteambr "We have received information that one very lucky fan named Priscilla, had a chance to meet Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a restaurant. According to the friend of the fan, who gave us information, they were accompanied by few people and security guards. Below is the autograph that Priscilla got. via doughtwittfunny

Oh and Taylor was with them.
@doughtwittfunny "Hi guys. News to you guys. Has a friend of mine in the U.S. that saw the Twilight trio in a restaurant in for lunch. Check it out!"

Special thanks to @beejelly_
This was said to be last week or the week before, most probably from Louisiana, where else? lol

Rob and Kristen Spotted at the Valley, Post-Thanksgiving.

EOnLine Rob and Kristen were spotted out together in Los Angeles over the weekend, at a low-key hang:

An employee confirms to E! the on- and off-screen couple stopped by Roxy's Famous Deli in the San Fernando Valley on Friday night.  The gorg duo apparently flew way under the radar, and was left pretty much alone, says an onlooker who, well, really didn't care (or care to gawk).

No wonder Robsten much prefers hanging in the Valley! Kristen is always over there, and goes fairly unnoticed.
Stewart's parents live on the other side of the debauched Hollywood Hills, so we assume that's where R. and K. spent Thanksgiving. Because we hear they did spend it together.

Saturday is when there was another Rob sighting out in Hollywood.

lol Duh, like they would spend Thanksgiving apart. 

Rob Places 5th on Heat Magazine's 'Rich List'

UK Telegraph reports on the Top 10 'Rich List 2010' of Heat magazine (with their estimated worth in brackets):
1. Daniel Radcliffe, 21 (£45.7m)
2. Keira Knightley, 25 (£30.1 m)
3. Emma Watson, 20 (£20.6 m)
4. Rupert Grint, 22 (£19m)
5. Robert Pattinson, 24 (£18.5m)

6. Leona Lewis, 25 (£12.5m) 7. Charlotte Church, 24 (£10.3m) 8. Katie Melua, 26 (£10.1m) 9. Katherine Jenkins, 30 (£9.7m) 10. Coleen Rooney, 24 (£9.1m)

The list only looked at famous names, rather than the more respected Sunday Times Rich List.Read more

New Eclipse DVD/BluRay BTS Caps - HQs

Thanks a mil to peach_rosez! These caps are in the Parts 5 and 6 of the 6-part documentary.

More after the jump.

Robward and Krisella Audio Clips

I don't have the strength to stay away from you sound clip

So the lion fell in love with the lamb sound clip

Loads of audio clips!

Rob as Edward sound clips

Kristen as Bella sound clips

source: Thanks to kspice75

Just a few reminders. PLEASE VOTE for Kristen and Rob at The Richard Attenborough Film Awards. (RAFAs) CLICK HERE Rob is doing okay but Kristen needs MORE votes.

and at the People's Choice Awards 2011 TO VOTE CLICK HERE To check out all the categories CLICK HERE

Eclipse DVD BTS Clip - David Slade on Eclipse



Or Click on the yummy Edward cap to watch!
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More caps

Eclipse DVD Commentary with Wyck Godfrey and Stephenie Meyer - Spoilers

Highlights of the Eclipse DVD Commentary: Stephenie Meyer and Producer, Wyck Godfrey.
SavetheZebra on IMDb via TwiFans

Spoilers ahead!

Official Trailer of Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight in HD


Trailer for the Twilight Saga movie Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight. Released by Summit Entertainment on DVD December 4th, 2010. Produced by Peninsula Heritage Productions.

Thanks to tri4mut for sending the link.

'Eclipse' will premiere on DirectTV on Dec 4th With an Exclusive BTS Look at the Cullen Family

DIRECTV CINEMA(TM) is giving Twilight fans an early gift for the holidays by providing them with the most comfortable seat in the house to experience one of 2010's hottest movies of the year. Without any delays or having to wait in line, DIRECTV CINEMA will offer a midnight premiere of Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Saturday, Dec. 4, which includes a bonus feature not available through any cable provider.

In addition to experiencing the continued love triangle between teen heartthrobs Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Kristen Stewart (Isabella Swan) in crystal-clear 1080p HD, DIRECTV customers will also have access to an exclusive bonus feature, "Preparing for Eclipse," a behind-the-scenes look at the Cullen family and what it took to prepare the characters for the filming of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse will premiere on DIRECTV CINEMA and DIRECTV CINEMAplus(TM) at midnight, Saturday, Dec. 4. The movie will be available in 1080p HD (same quality as Blu-ray) for $5.99 or standard-definition (SD) for $4.99. For more information visit DIRECT TV

 MarketWatch via via

Another Q and A with Kristen's Double, Roberta. Talks about R/K interviewed Roberta Thaise, Kristen's stunt in Brazil. translation

KSBR: We've heard you mention many times that people thought that you and Kristen look alike. What do you think about that?
R: Kristen is so beautiful, her beauty is so divine that the fact that someone thinks that we look alike is a very huge honor.

KSBR: Did you take a picture with Kristen and Robert?
R: No.

KSBR: She commented to you something about you look alike?
R: No.

KSBR: Can you tell us something about the scenes?
R: All I can tell you is that the scenes are AMAZING. Wait for it. I'm sure you'll gonna love it.

KSBR: How did you react when you knew you were hired to be a stunt of a worldwide known saga, with thousands of fans?
R: I was flattered and very happy, I knew about the huge responsibility!

KSBR: At the end of shooting, did you feel that you could have help more than you helped or done anything differently?
R: Thank God everything worked out. I wouldn't have done anything different.

KSBR: How was your relationship with Robert and Kristen?
R: A proffessional relationship.

KSBR: Do you think Rob and Kris were enjoying Brazil?
R: Well, it's difficult to answer, but I think they enjoyed Brazil very much.

KSBR: If you could define Kristen by a word, what would it be? And Robert?
R: Kristen is lovely and Rob is humorous.

KSBR: You don't speak english. How did you communicate with the production?
R: Talking in spanish.

KSBR: What was your first impression of them? They look like a real couple?
R: They are the Hollywood's cutest couple. Kristen is very sweet and everybody can see that Rob is in love with her.
note: In the original interview, Roberta says Kristen is "amorosa" - meaning loving, different from 'very sweet'. Thanks Anon.

KSBR: Are you a Twilight fan? What did you think of Kristen before filming? And then?
R: I don't consider myself a Twilight fan, but a Kristen fan. And being able to know an idol is exciting. Now I want to see all the Twilight movies and I just bought the last book that I can't stop reading. I think I ended up being a fan after all.

via KillerCortez

Rob in MadeMan.Com's 10 Most Stylish Men of 2010 Editor’s Note: The men on this list have the power to influence style globally. No matter what they choose to wear in public, they exude confidence and sophistication. As style icons, they demonstrate that dressing like a grown-up is comfortable, fun and appealing. From our fashion writer Charley A. Prescott we present -- in no particular order -- Made Man’s Top 10 Most Stylish Men of 2010.

Robert Pattinson
Named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world, Robert Pattinson ranks as a one of the most fashionable men of the year. If elegant grunge were an actual look, the best dressed Brit of Twilight fame would be renowned for it. With disheveled hair, tailored suits and skinny neckties, his natural sense of style is what women want.

Rest of the list: Tom Brady, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Mark Ronson, David Beckham, Johnny Depp,Tom Ford,Brad Pitt

via imdb robwardkrisella

Cool Edward and Bella - Honeymoon GIF

source TwiFans via  gossip_dance

I know what you're thinking, nope, it's NOT that 'honeymoon' gif. lol
But you've got to admit this one is quite lovely , uhmm, but no feathers?

RobSten Flashback: Rob and Kristen at the New Moon After Party - November 16, 2009

For new fans and for those of you who may have missed this - when it was first posted last year .
Giving in to Kylie and Blu's request. lol Thanks for your letter, 'dudes'.


From @DrownInIt Thanks bb. GMTA indeed! Love this!

FLASHBACK VIDEO: footage frm inside NM after party at 1:40 Over-invested body language analysis below ;)

You can see R/K standing near each other, each involved in their own conversations.

Some guy approaches TayStew and makes a motion to leave, he puts his arm on Kristen to tell her they want to go. Then she looks to see what Rob's doing and very quickly and subtly touches his back to signal she's ready to go.

He looks immediately but no other communication is needed and she waits and continues talking to Dakota while he wraps up his conversation.
Adorably, Rob is drinking a coke and anytime Kristen dances, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

We swear their intimacy and awareness of each other is something only seen in couples that have been together for a hundred years. Kind of awe-inspiring.

Bonus: you can see CamStew and TayStew stand up to hug Stella Maeve by the extremely phallic fixture toward the beginning of the vid. Once they sit back down, Kristen and Dakota are visible behind her.

Eclipse DVD Extras

Eclipse Saga1

Old/New Kristen Pics + Interview with Brad Blanks - The Runaways Premiere

Click to enlarge

This may be a repost. This guy is trying very hard to be funny.

BradBlanks TodotwilightSaga

Previously posted interview with Brad Blanks during Sundance  HERE