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@courtjustice Kristen in an @ARMANI Privé SS12 couture gown on set of her Vanity Fair shoot
Thanks Linda/ kstewartfans. Ah GoddessStew. So gorgeous!

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RobSten FanVid: Retro RK 2008. I Should Go (Rob's POV)

Important Note from Libenet "This is a...nostalgic vid :) I do realize that R/K are far away from that time now. That they are in such a happy place. But I really have a very soft spot for pining, tortured, "head-over-heals in a desperate love" Rob. Because, honestly, that's what had me shipping them at first place.
Song is perfect. I love every single note, every single word in it. PERFECT song for this theme."

My heart. Oh Rob! *happy sighs* This is just the most perfect retroRK video...ever! Sunny, dear, you need the tissue box on standby before hitting play. Thanks Lib! LYSM

Song : I Should Go (Levi Kreis)

As per request, Rob and Kristen in Rome 2008

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Kristen #27 on AskMen.Com's 'Top 99 Women of 2012' List

NO. 27. Kristen Stewart While Kristen Stewart has a particularly rabid following for such a young actress, we're guessing (hoping?) you don't consider yourself a Twi-hard. Still, just because you're not a Stephenie Meyer disciple doesn't mean you can't still be a fan of Twilight's leading lady. A reluctant star who seems genuinely bothered by all the attention she's received as Robert Pattinson's love interest (both onscreen and off), Stewart has an edge to her that most other tween favorites don't. And maybe it's that hard-to-get attitude that makes us like her so much. Regardless, forget Edward and Jacob -- consider us Team Bella. Is that an option?

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Kristen ranked No.90 on their 2011 List

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New 'Bel Ami' Poster

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In HQ. Plus pretty edit by @patronuska Solo DuRob! Thanks A! patronuskaTumblr

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Amazing! dead.

New 'Bel Ami' Stills in HQ


Berlinale RPItalia

Pics of Kristen Out and About in Paris - January 31, 2012

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"She went to Bonpoint (a children's clothing boutique)."
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BD P1 DVD Extras- The Wedding and Honeymoon

Pre-order your Breaking Dawn P1 DVD/BluRay HERE

Thanks to  netsbor

Honeymoon Part1
part 2

Breaking Dawn DVD Wedding Clip in HD YahooMovies - under the CUT

French Twilight Saga DVD 4-in-1 Box Set. New Version of BD Poster


AmazonFr EUR 38.98. Twilight - coffret des chapitres 1 à 4 (Partie 1) : Fascination - Tentation - Hésitation - Révélation, partie 1. RPLife

Video of Kristen with Karl Lagerfeld. Plus Kristen Signing for Fans

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Pics of Kristen in Paris- January 31, 2012

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Pics from yesterday, January 30th. Now untagged.

Oh hey look its Anna Wintour also flipping the bird with Karl Lagerfeld. lol

New Pic of Kristen with MakeUp Artist, Charlotte Tilbury

CTilburymakeup/CharlotteTilbury Really enjoyed working with #Kristen Stewart! She's bright, funny and beautiful! Such a great girl!
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@courtjusticeKristen in a Jean Paul Gaultier SS12 couture bustier on set of a photoshoot!

Bel Ami at Berlinale 2012- Photocall, PressCon and Screenings


The 'Bel Ami' photocall and press conference will be on February 17th. Photocall at 1.45PM - Photo Call and PressCon at 1.55PM (Berlin local time) -

The movie will be shown on Feb 17 and 18.
Another screening of the movie on February 17th at 12PM - Press ONLY.

You can buy tickets here on Februaty 6th.
More about Bel Ami on the movie's page on the Berlinale website.

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Catherine Hardwicke Mentions Rob and Kristen at Sundance

Thanks KStewAngel and Sissy via DM

I miss Chatty Cathy! 

Video of Kristen Arriving in Paris- January 29, 2012

PopSugatTV via fiercebitchstew

If missed, pics of her arrival were posted here

'Bel Ami' is on Fandango. March 2 listed as Release Date

Bel Ami is now on Fandango with March 2nd listed as release date.

Sneak Peek of the Breaking Dawn P1 DVD

Watch in 1080p at Apple

YouTube is HD 720p RobStenLustCom via RPLife

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Pics of Kristen with Fans and Karl Lagerfeld- Paris, January 30th


@courtjusticeHow beautiful is @CHANEL's Fine Jewelry Comète brooch in Kristen Stewart's hair? twitpic of the brooch

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More pics added

Pics of Kristen shooting for Vanity Fair by Mario Testino In Paris Today- January 30, 2012

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Kristen in Dior Couture for her Vanity Fair Shoot by Mario Testino

@courtjustice Kristen  in her Dior SS12HC gown on set of a Vanity Fair shoot in Paris. Straight from the #PHCFW runway!

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