Marc Malkin on the Possibility of R/K Attending the Oscars

You know how much I love @MarcMalkin especially when he's talking R/K. Yeah, we're all hopeful here Mr. BowTie.

EOnLine We won't be surprised one bit if we see Robert Pattinson at this year's Academy Awards.
Yes, he's presented at the Oscars already, but... His new flick, Bel Ami, is set for release just a few days after Hollywood's biggest night of the year. A rep for the Twilight star didn't comment on his possible plans to attend.
Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart is also said to be at the top of the presenter wish list. While Snow White and the Huntsman doesn't hit theaters until June, she'd ideally be paired with her hunky fairy-tale costar Chris Hemsworth.
Mr. Hemsworth actually has two flicks, The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods, coming out before Snow White, so what better way to promote them all in one big shot than at the Oscars?