Rumor: Kristen as Lois Lane?

ComicBookMovieThough several actresses has either expressed interest in playing Lane, or have been rumored to have read for the role, today's latest rumor via Gregory Littley, a Branding Consultant and Creative director who specializes in social media, has Twlight's Kristen Stewart in the mix.

Littleylittley I'm hearing Kristen Stewart has officially read for Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's #Superman reboot. #PlsStopThis.

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I don't know what to think about his hashtag... let's just focus on the rumored possibility and not dwell on this guy's attempt for his 15 minutes of fame.

Updated! More talks about Kristen as Lois Lane  @vonch

After Henry Cavill is cast as Superman, the talks have now moved on to who will be the leading lady. Hollywood Insider has heard some names of possible Lois Lane depicter and they are Kristen Stewart ("Twilight"), Jessica Biel ("Blade Trinity"), Rachel McAdams ("Sherlock Holmes"), Dianna Agron ("Glee") and Malin Akerman ("Watchmen").

Stewart reportedly has been mentioned in relation to the part for about a week but she might not even take the role because there are many other juicy offers for her. As for Biel and McAdams, they are allegedly the leading contenders. Agron, like Stewart, has read for "The Man of Steel" movie though some might consider her too young. Akerman was also said in the contention but now that Cavill, who is younger than her, is cast as Clark Kent, her chance might be reduced to zero.

This all, however, should be considered as just rumors for neither Warner Bros. Pictures nor the actresses' camps have released statement about the report.

Zack Snyder is on board for the directing duty for the new Superman film that might be projected for December 2012 release. Christopher Nolan joins the board of producers while David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan are writing the script. source

New Pics of Rob and Cast on the BD Set Today - January 31

Robward wearing his wedding ring.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Walking ahead of Rob are his UK agents, Grace Clissold and Sarah Spear via @DrownInIt

Click to enlarge
I see Pfach, Kellan, SM, Dean, Wyck... and maybe Rob's UK agent, Grace (the blonde) and since we miss Rob. I cropped him.
Uhmm, where are you baby girl?

There are 5 pics, I just zoomed/cropped the last 4.

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RobSten FanVids: This Strange Effect. And Biel's Latest - Beautiful

This Strange Effect- R/K

This Strange Effect-Hooverphonic


PetitBiel Love the BAFTA bit at 0:50

Film Critics Love Kristen's Performance in 'Welcome to the Rileys'

Amazing compilation by luacheia99 via Celebrity Crushes 
Don't forget the DVD comes out tomorrow February 1st.

Critics Love Kristen Stewart’s Performance In WTTR (ONLY 11 Negatives Out 118)

Kristen Stewart was cast in Welcome to the Rileys before the Twilight movies became a cultural phenomenon. (As was the case of The Runaways and also with Walter Salles’ upcoming On the Road.)

She was just 18 and still without finish her participation in the filming of Welcome To The Rileys, when she had to leave the set of filming to do the promo tour for the first installment of the Twilight series. After weeks she returned for wrap up the filming but her world had been changed completely… The “Twilight Tsunami” had placed her in the middle of a big frenzy to which she certainly was not prepared psychologically.

Suddenly she was over exposed 24 hours a day, having dozen of paparazzi urging her take an angry posture, people bullying her like Perez Hilton, thousands of teenagers and also grown ups fighting over her, people from the entertainment and gossip business standardizing her without know her well or to have watched her body of work and from the Business itself, analysing all, each breath she took, each action and each word. She became a phenomenon herself! A brutal example of “over exposure”! If you put the name “Kristen Stewart” in the Google, you will have 26.600.000 results! She lost the human right of growing up as a person and as an actress before became an selfconscious adult and consecrated actress at the public eyes.

Rumor: Info on 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere in LA and UK

Just a rumor, for now. 


MarkMeets/MarkBoardman "THE US BREAKING DAWN World premiere is in LA, 15th november 2011 and this time round, the UK will get one too with all the cast!!!"

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2 New HQ Pics of Rob from the Golden Globes

Photobucket  Photobucket
Click for HQ

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Check the rest of the HQ photos from the Golden Globes here

The 'On The Road' Cast: Singing Voices

Thanks madstone92. This is just too cool...

1. Sam Riley - "Isolation" from the movie Control (2007)
2. Garrett Hedlund - "Chances Are" from the movie Country Strong (2011)
3. Kristen Stewart - "Angels from Montgomery" from the movie Into the Wild (2007)
4. Viggo Mortensen -
5. Amy Adams - "If I Didn't Care" from the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
6. Terrence Howard - "Love Makes You Beautiful"
7. Kirsten Dunst - "Dream of Me"

For those who are new to the fandom, here's Kristen singing (from the above audio clip) with Emile Hirsch from 'Into The Wild'

Breaking Dawn Update: BD Ramps Up Security in Vancouver and Renesmee News Security will be tighter than ever when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn returns to Vancouver after filming in Brazil and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although Twilight fans had more open interaction with New Moon and Eclipse than they did with Twilight, it appears that Twilighters may not be so lucky with Breaking Dawn.

According to the tweets of MetroVanFilms, it sounds like security will be tighter on Breaking Dawn than the previous films of The Twilight Saga.The first tweet was a reminder that production on Breaking Dawn will soon begin in Vancouver in February and continue through April.  The second tweet spoke of the security that Twilighters and paparazzi can expect for Breaking Dawn. “TSBD creates complex "Confinement Unit" to deal with fans and block/harass paparazzi.”

Although it sounds like the production is simply taking the usual security measures given the popularity of Twilight stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, the use of "complex Confinement Unit" is certainly an interesting choice of words. What that really means is anyone's guess, but fans will definitely be confined to limited Twilight access in Vancouver.

And here are some Renesmee News Mackenzie Foy will be joined by 3 other child stars who would portray Edward and Bella's daughter. "Mackenzie Foy’s face will be digitally transferred onto these 3 little girls’s bodies to show Renesmee’s rapid growth." via NessieMackenzie

ICYMI There are old/new fan photos from the Eclipse Premiere that are going around, these are not new, photos were posted last September,

Holliday Grainger Talks about Rob and 'Bel Ami'

Spoilers Ahead.

Can you talk about the roles you did in Jane Eyre and Bel Ami, which you also have coming out this year?
GRAINGER: When I was younger, I always wanted to do period drama and never got to do it, until last January. And then, this last year was just period drama after period drama. I have a small part in Jane Eyre. I’m one of the Rivers sisters that saves Jane (Mia Wasikowska) from destitution. They’re a very lovely, very godly, very pure family. Bel Ami is the opposite. My character is more like Lucrezia. She’s an evil little witch that knows what she wants and is out to get the guy that she wants. She’s willing to upset her mom and upset anyone, just to get the guy that she wants.

Did you get to work with Robert Pattinson?
GRAINGER: Yeah, my character’s scenes are mainly with Rob ‘cause she marries him in the end. She does get him.

Read the full interview at

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From their old TV movie, The Bad Mother's Handbook

Flashback Post: Kristen and Rob at last year's BAFTA

Collection of 'Rob and Kristen at the BAFTA' videos from last year. Don't forget to watch on February 13th for this year's ceremony. We hope to see Kristen traditionally hand out the Orange BAFTA to this year's winner. And it would be doubly wonderful if fellow Britpack Andrew Garfield win the prestigious award. Of course, we're hoping for Rob to attend the BAFTA, too.


RobSten FanVids: The Only One. E/B May I Love You

By 8gali  Classic R/K clips.
Song is Draw Your Swords by Angus and Julia Stone.

Edward and Bella - May I love You


Song is 'May I?' by Trading Yesterday from their album, 'More Than This'

Sam Bradley Answers Some Questions About Rob in Latest Interview

Stefan Goldby of Buzzine: So your musical beginnings were friends and family-based, and then so were your first big steps out into wider acclaim—outside London, out into the world, with your schoolmate Robert (Pattinson)…

Sam Bradley: It’s still all friend-based. I don’t work with anyone that isn’t a friend. My band, my booking agent, my manager… Everyone I want to work with, I want to have a relationship that is stronger than just work. As far as the connection with Rob, he’s a friend—that’s it. There’s no special story. The special story is in our friendship. That’s it. There’s nothing grand about it. I got a song on this Twilight soundtrack—that opened up a bigger audience than I was ready for, perhaps, and then it was up to me to keep the music-lovers, and expand and grow on and through and past and with that.

SG: I can’t let you go and not go back to Rob for one final question, but I don’t want to get you into any trouble…
SB: You can’t get me into trouble. I can get me into trouble.

SG: Good point. But I’ll try not to lead you into any trouble.
SB: That’s fine, because I can deflect. I’ve been doing it for years.

SG: I bet you have. You’ve been mates for a long, long time. As surreal as life must be for him, which is up way up there, you have seen that from one step removed, and you have a sense of what that means as you’re an artist on the road connecting with people as well although maybe not quite to the “Beatles running down the street in ‘Help’” thing that he’s been going through. What does that leave you thinking? From what you’ve seen from him, what impact does that have on you? Does that end up being a blessing—you get to see how that can be from a pseudo-safe distance?
SB: If I thought about it and if I dissected it in any way, that wouldn’t be a healthy thing. It just is. There’s no difference in anything I do. There’s no difference in anything he does. There’s no difference in anything any friend I have, whether it be my wife… It just doesn’t make a difference. I’m gonna keep doing what I’m gonna do. Robert Pattinson is going to keep doing what he’s gonna do. Tom Sturridge is gonna keep doing what he’s gonna do. Bobby Long is gonna keep doing what he’s gonna do. Marcus Foster is gonna keep doing what’s he’s gonna do. Angus McNeice is gonna keep doing what he’s gonna do. Anyone I know are gonna do what they’re gonna do, and that’s not changed anything.

Watch the vid and read the rest at BuzzineMusic  via pattinsonladies

Sam's ‘Zuni’ EP is available now at iTunes, Amazon and at

Sam, Rob, Marcus, the Stoli shirt (lol) and some friends.

PopSugarUK Thinks Kristen Could Play Kate Middleton in the Royal Romance Film

PopSugarUK's Ten Actresses Who Could Play Kate Middleton in the Royal Romance Film
10. Kristen Stewart. Kristen could go from being Robert Pattinson's princess to William's.

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lol Rob's Princess alright! 

PopSugar: 5 Reasons Why Kristen is Perfect for 'Snow White'

PopSugar Thanks Kat! Awww for #1!

Oh btw, Snow White and the Huntsman's IMDb page already included Kristen's name as 'rumored' lead. Not that its reliable...

New/Old Picture of Rob + Old Pics Now HQ and Untagged - August 1, 2008

This one is new/old.

From August 1, 2008 - T-Mobile Sidekick Launch Party
First 2 pics are in UHQ the rest at in HQ

Thanks to pattinsonlife and RPLife

'On the Road' in Dark HorizonsCom's Notable Films of 2011

DarkHorizons.Com's Most Notable Films of 2011
On the Road
Opens: 2011
Cast: Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams
Director: Walter Salles

Summary: Sal Paradise, a writer holed up in a room at his aunt's house, gets inspired by Dean Moriarty to hit the road and see America. From the moment he gets on the seven train out of New York City, he begins a journey that explores the highs and lows of hitchhiking, bonding with fellow explorers and opting for beer before food.

Analysis: The term 'long gestating' film takes on a whole new meaning with this adaptation of what many consider the definitive novel of the Beat Generation. For over over five decades now there's been talk of a film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's autobiographical book about his time spent traveling America in the 1940's with his friend Neal Cassady. Kerouac wanted to play his literary counterpart Sal himself alongside Marlon Brando as the Cassady-inspired Dean back in the late 50's when the book first came out.


More under the CUT

Rob and Kristen: Avid Bike Riders?

HollywoodNews Despite their busy schedule filming the latest in the Twilight series, rumored couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have enough free time to enjoy anew hobby together; biking.

The two have been spotted riding their bikes together around Louisiana when not filming their scenes. An Examiner source said, “I see Rob and Kristen riding around the parking lot almost daily. Recently I spotted Rob riding out of the main studio gates on his bike and the next thing I knew, he was in front of my car at a stop sign, and Kristen was behind me.

Thanks @vonch

First read this one from 'that' yucky news source. Cute, if true. 

Flashback Post: Old 2008 Radio Interviews of Rob with Jody Dean, Billy Bush, and Movin 92.5

Jody Dean Interview 98.7 KLUV

With Billy Bush

"I am a metrosexual woman." hilarious! 

Interview with the Ladies on Movin' 92.5

via skylarspencer mpersonalheroin Thanks Edith for the tip.

Oh Rob! You're so adorkable, lovely, and funny. Moist, moist, moist. lol

'Water for Elephants' and 'Breaking Dawn' in Box Office Mojo and Fandango's 2011 Movie Review

Fandango's 2011 Movie Review Superheroes, sci-fi and sequels dominate the 2011 movie landscape. Plus we'll bid farewell to Harry Potter and see the beginning of the end for Twilight.

Water for Elephants
Release Date: 4/22/11
Genre: Romance, Drama
Robert Pattinson takes on a non-sparkly role and joins a traveling circus as its veterinarian. He and the star performer (Reese Witherspoon) fall in love, much to the dismay of her husband (Christoph Waltz), the cruel head animal trainer. Sara Gruen's adapted novel examines the hardships of being in the "most spectacular show on Earth."

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Release Date: 11/18/11
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Bella's (Kristen Stewart) choice to become a vampire and spend eternity with Edward (Robert Pattinson) has some serious repercussions! After planning the most anticipated wedding in all of Forks, the couple has to deal with the Volturi, treaty complications with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and starting a family of their own.

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Box Office Mojo's 2011 Movie Preview: Ten Miscellaneous Contenders
Water for Elephants  (April 22): It's easy to dismiss Robert Pattinson as just part of the Twilight craze thanks to the poor box office performance of Remember Me last March. However, his next movie Water for Elephants is poised to be much more successful: it's helmed by blockbuster director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend), has interesting co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz and is based on a reportedly popular book.

Box Office Mojo's 2011 Movie Preview: Sequels Now More Than Ever
The Twi­light Saga: Break­ing Dawn - Part 1

Like On Stranger Tides, Breaking Dawn (Part One) (Nov. 18) follows a trilogy, but one that ended on a high note: with $300.5 million, third entry Eclipse pulled off the rare feat of out-grossing the second entry New Moon. Breaking Dawn returns to the pre-Thanksgiving slot of the first Twilight and New Moon (and formerly Harry Potter), but will have the longest wait yet (17 months). Add in a reportedly mixed fan reaction to the novel and how being broken in two didn't help Deathly Hallows Part 1, and it wouldn't be surprising if interest ebbs for Breaking Dawn.

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Old Pics of Kristen at the 100 Monkeys Show in Vancouver - April 2009


April 2009, Vancouver.