Reese Witherspoon Says Rob looks Very Different in Water for Elephants

TheDailyRecordUK recently interviewed Reese for the promo of her new film "How Do You Know".

"She's also appearing with Robert Pattinson in Water For Elephants.
And Reese, a huge fan of the Twilight films, is amused that the Brit is now a moody vampire pin-up.
"It's so funny because he's really not a bad boy. He's just a great guy and he looks very different in our film," said Reese.

via spunk_ransom

 FemaleFirst Reese Witherspoon claims working alongside an elephant on new movie 'Water For Elephants' was one of the best experiences of her career.   Reese, 34, added the elephant helps bring her character closer to Robert Pattinson's in the film, when they meet because of the creature. "Robert Pattinson's character comes in and he's a vet and we end up being very interested in each other. It's very romantic and beautiful.