Rob Causes a Stir at a Louisiana Deli He's busy filming Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge, La., but during a recent lunch outing at a local deli, Robert Pattinson ended up feeding his fans' appetites.

"A couple of girls who work in here are young … and they were absolutely star struck," a source at Maxwell's Market, where the actor dropped in for sandwiches, tells PEOPLE.

Pattinson is a repeat customer at the deli and, despite the attention he earned from the younger employees, the source says he's just like any other customer. "He's just a regular guy, and that's how we try to treat him," says the source.

During his most recent visit, Pattinson was accompanied by an unidentified male friend and "grabbed a couple of sandwiches and left," the source says.

As for his costar, and off-screen love Kristen Stewart, she hasn't dropped by the deli … yet. "I haven't seen her in here," the source says. "But I'm keeping my eye out."via RPattzBaby

ETA  from LATimes Robert Pattinson recently enjoyed a night out in Baton Rouge, La., with the boys of "Breaking Dawn."

The men of "Twilight," who've been exploring the city as they film the final two installments of the film franchise, popped out for food and drink on Tuesday. Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower and Michael Sheen hit local joint Tsunami, reports Hollywood Life, for sushi, sashimi and even a few shots. A nearby table of admirers sent some lemon drops over to the vampire gang.

While that highbrow snacking is more like Hollywood, Rob has been sampling to local fare as well. Recently stopping by a deli chain called Maxwell's Market, the actor caused hysteria with the female staff, according to People.

So what did he order -- a juicy po' boy or some cajun delight? "He ordered a house salad," a staffer told the Ministry. "It wasn't that exciting."

Updated! January 28th  E!OnLine "No, sorry but we have bigger things to worry about than the economy."

—Spokesperson for Tsunami restaurant in Baton Rouge, La., when we called to see if Hollywood Life's item about Robert Pattinson's "wild, boys' night out" had any truth to it.

Must say, we're über-impressed at how respectful everyone down south has been. Although some restaurants tweet and delete Twilight sightings every now and then, we really don't hear much of a peep about our favorite crew.

The tight confidentiality agreements from the crew in Baton Rouge are about ensuring Summit's money makers feel protected and not giving too much away about how Bill Condon is splitting everything up.