Rob and the TwiCast Boys 'Alleged' Night Out

I was supposed to pass this one up since this came from my most hated source...but since some of you have been mentioning about it in the comments... well, here it is. Since its from Hollywoodnonlife. Tons, truckloads of salt is needed. Oh, and I took most of the BS out of the article. By the way,  Cameron Bright's birthday is today January 26th, maybe an early celebration? Who knows...

"Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Michael Sheen and a few of the other male cast members enjoyed a night of sushi and shots at Tsunami in Baton Rouge Jan. 25.

 A source inside the swanky restaurant says, “The boys got there around 9:30 pm and sat at a table, there were about 15 of them. They stayed until closing, sometime between 11:30ish or midnight. Rob sat next to Jamie and was pretty low key in a hoodie!”

“A girl from a nearby table ordered them a round of lemon drop shots, and the bartender took it with them,” the source went on to say. “Rob was really nice and introduced himself to the bartender and seemed really happy and down-to-earth.” The popular eatery, located inside the Shaw Center for the Arts, was also an affordable choice for the boys with most entrees under $20. The cast headed home afterwards, save Jackson and Kellan, and sadly it seems like the evening left Jamie feeling not so great! The actor tweeted Jan. 26, “Yup. Raw fish and red wine came back to bite me on the arse. X.”

This  questionable source also reported  the other day that  Rob stopped by Maxwell’s Market, a local Baton Rouge, La., grocery store that specializes in fresh meats, seafood, and prepared foods, to grab a bite to eat and pick up a few things.

“Rob came into Maxwell’s with a bodyguard and ordered a Cobb salad,” our source says. “I immediately knew it was him but he just kept to himself. He even did a little bit of grocery shopping.”
source via spunk_ransom