Alice Braga Talks about Kristen. "She's adorable and a phenomenal actress."

 “Kristen is adorable, and a phenomenal actress and I am a big fan of hers! But I don’t have a scene with her [in the movie]. All my scenes are with Sam Riley.” And although Alice, 27, didn’t film opposite Kristen, 20, she says, “I had the chance to meet her and it was amazing! She is a phenomenal actress, she is so young and has such an amazing career!

Alice is impressed by Kristen’s career path so far. “I think the choices she makes in independent films working with upcoming directors helps her a lot. And then she moves to something as big as Twilight, it is really important to take those chances and do that, she loves cinema and she just does it!

Alice Braga, Kristen's 'On The Road' co-star was at the premiere of 'The Rite' in Los Angeles last night, January 26th.

source fiercebitchstew