Old/New Interview of Kristen with Friday Magazine - Switzerland

Interview from "Friday" magazine, July 2010.

Translation by AdorableKStew  "Kristen in the Twilight"

The hype about the vampire saga "Twilight" is not just a blessing for Kristen Stewart.

The Berlin Luxury hotel 'The Regent', Kristen Stewart shuffles into the room. "Hello", she says and raises her hand a bit unmotivated. Her voice sounds as if she's just smoked a cigarette. Her smile is just as shy as cool. She's wearing the light brown shoes unlaced, loose hair. Grey jeans and knotted jeans shirt. Dark nail polish. No socks. This woman is currently one of the biggest stars on the planet.

The Twihards admire her: Hardcore "Twilight" fans who have been waiting for hours in Berlin in front of the hotel to get a glimpse of Kristen. Yet still she has an image problem: Because Kristen doesn't smile very often on the red carpet and on photos, she's rated as conceited and chronically in a bad mood.
"It affects me deeply when someone writes me I don't feel like doing all this. But it's not!" she says. She's just overwhelmed by the paparazzis and the fans.
"The energy you get is overwhelming. And when I'm overwhelmed I feel so sensitive. And I go like this: zzzzzzt!" She does a gesticulation in front of her face. "The wall runs high."

Kristen doesn't hide her feelings. She is snappy, sometimes even funny, snaps with her fingers and restarts the sentences three times until she has the right words. "When I'm not on set, I'm not an actress. I can't put on a mask."

"KStew" is a real Hollywood-Kid. Her parents work in the TV- and Film-Business. With eleven years she played along Jodie Foster in "Panic Room", her first big role. She used to have mini appearances in other Hollywood productions and in a commercial for Porsche. When Kristen flew as Bella Swan with vampire Edward Cullen through the forest in 2008, she was on the top. At twenty.

Now part 3 of the Twilight Saga is in the cinemas. Kristen, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have signed for two more. What will it feel like when it's all over? "Honestly we all can't wait to get out of those characters." Sure: The young stars are under pressure.
"As long as it's not over, I have to think about it all the time. The fans have high expectations. It's not an easy situation." This also goes for her relationship to Robert Pattinson. She tries to keep it private, questions are strictly forbidden.

Sometimes, Kristen says, she'd like to confront the Twihards and say: "Hey, I'm no demi-goddess! I was just lucky to get the role." And although she struggles with the fame, she knows: "Without Twilight my life would be a fight. I'd be so frustrated if I'd just film Indie-movies which reach nobody." And she'd hate that even more than not being able to go to Starbucks just like that.

At twelve she switched rooms with her brother because she was convinced that hers was spooked."
"She was afraid of Disneyland as a child.". "He's my life." Kristen on her car Jella. 

source via Robsteners