Summit Wants Fan-Fave Chris Weitz For Breaking Dawn

HitflixThe fans and cast have spoken about who they want to direct the last "Twilight" movies and Summit Entertainment has listened. After the phenomenal response to "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" it appears the mini-major is ready to offer director Chris Weitz the opportunity to direct the fourth and possibly fifth installment "Breaking Dawn."

So far, only screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has been brought on to help a script for the fan-polarizing fourth chapter, but according to Variety, it's unclear whether she's writing one movie or two. Summit would like to stretch the moneymaking franchise out further than creator Stephenie Meyer's final novel by breaking it into two films, but the company faces two changing factors in making the decision.

First, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are all global superstars now. They trio were only signed to four films originally and if a fifth were ordered would find themselves in a position to demand huge salary increases. That could easily increase the budget from the $50 million range per film to $70-80 million.

Second, the studio would like Weitz to return, but he's repeatedly told the press he's planning on directing the indie drama "The Gardner" as his "New Moon" follow up. With Summit in negotiations to finance "Gardner," can they convince the helmer to delay that film and take an extended break from his family to shoot back-to-back "Dawn" features? And, or, can his agents make it seem even more unappealing in the media to drive his price up even more? Considering the glowing reviews the cast gave Weitz compared to "Eclipse" director David Slade and the fans adoration of the filmmaker after "New Moon," we'd bet on the later.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" has already grossed $481 million worldwide. Slade's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" hits theaters on June 20, 2010.

New Moon New TV Spot - Triumph

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How many times have you seen New Moon?

Kristen and Rob's Interviews For HolaTV


RobSten Fan Vids: Crossover Tyler and Em Meets

These brilliant vidders, made crossover vids of Remember Me and Adventureland.
No Lost girl, Yey! Thanks lovies.



Rob and Chris Weitz In Japan Presscon And Fan Event

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RobSten Empire Pic From 2008 In HQ

Other RobSten stills from the Empire Shoot


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New Moon's Second Weekend Takover: US $230.95M, Worldwide $473.95M Full breakdown here

New Moon London Press Conference On NowTV

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The RobSten bubble was present in London, check 3:20. Surprise yourself! Yay!

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New Moon Madrid Photocall

Rob In Vikend Article - Slovenia

Article and scans from ROBSessed
Los Angeles is full of covers of Robert Pattinson, 23 year old Londoner who became a new sex symbol practically overnight. After closed screening of New Noon, the sequel of phenomenon Twilight, we met Robert and co-star Kristen Stewart at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Every step we were followed by their personal PR people and by people from agency that organized interviews. And we were warned: "No personal questions. We are here to promote the movie." Okay. Anyway, we asked Robert about OK magazine, the actual cover was about their breakup, he smiled and said: "Gossip doesn't affect my career..." We can tell you, dear female fans, Robert is not as pale as Edward and his lips are not that red either.

How many girls asked you to bite their neck today?
(laughter) I have to disappoint you. I'm surrounded by bodyguards at all times and they practically carry me in and out, so I have almost no idea what is going on outside.

How do you handle instant fame, media interest and fan pressure?
Sometimes it is unpleasant, all those interviews, army of fans, magazine covers... At the beginning it was nerve wrecking, I tried to hide, but why bother? I have no intention to hate my life. I try to accommodate as much as I could.

Can you walk the street without being stampeded by an army of female fans?
Not really. Well, I don't even have time. I work a lot these days and I don't know what is happening in real world, I'm spending all my time on movie sets or hotels or on airplanes anyway. Big cities surprise me sometimes. Recently I've been in Tokyo and I went for a walk and no one recognized me and it was strange, since I was the only white person on the street...

Maybe all white people seem alike to them...
(laughter) Maybe. But it was a great experience, opposite to New York where I was making a movie recently. I had eight bodyguards there and they were walking along me on my way from trailer to movie set, but one day there was such a crowd that we had to actually run away - they were pulling me around, pushing, it was a mess. We had to hire additional ten body guards so I went to work every day surrounded by eighteen enormous guys. That was surrealistic.

Are you afraid of all the craziness around you?
Hysteric masses of people can be scary. I think everyone would feel bad in a situation where you have no control, where you can't do anything to calm the situation. People in this kind of situations are in a state of kind of hysteric hypnotic madness. Einstein was right when he said that human civilization is the most dangerous when it moves in masses.

As a teenager, were you never obsessed with a star?
I don't remember being obsessed, but I remember the huge impact the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest had on me. I started to dress like Jack Nicholson and I started to mimic him and it lasted some time. But I wasn't crazy over him or sat in front of his house.

Were you ever in love with an actress?
Maybe.... I don't know... I always liked Patricia Arquette, I think I was in love with her as a teenager, she wasn't very inspiring (laughter). Hm, it looks like I was a little lost as a teenager as well (laughter)....

Your parents are probably very proud of you?
Very! And they are a little surprised by my reaction to my success, I don't experience it as they are. They are impressed by it, everything is so fantastic to them, mom reads everything about me (laughter). I still think that everything is a lucky coincidence. I never wanted to be famous, I didn't plan big things in my life, so everything is strange to me. I still adapt and still think what to do with everything.

Mom believes everything she reads about you?
Unfortunately yes! She blindly believes everything she reads, even the bad stuff. When I try to explain her it's the tabloid magazines' imagination, she says: I know you, I know what you are like! (laughter)!

So she doesn't believe you and Kristen Stewart aren't a couple?
Like the rest of the world doesn't... (laughter) Well, I explained her that!

So we can't ask you about this ?
You can, but the answer will be the same as it was at the beginning of the conversation.
Are you and Kristen good friends?
Very, but only that! (laughter) As a team we are very close, because we are together all the time, making movies one after another. We are of the same age and we think alike, so we encounter the fame that happened to us together.

Are you worried that the role of Edward will always follow you as a shadow in your acting career?
Not really. Anyway, it's too late to think about it after I signed for four movies of the series. It's normal that the audience see me as Edward, they watch me in this role all the time. I have to be patient, I make other movies too and I believe audience will see me as a different person. If they will see me as Edward in twenty years, it's possible I'll have to murder someone (laughter)!

So, you don't regret accepting that role?
There are good and bad sides of everything. Of course I don't regret it, but everything isn't perfect either. If no one knows who you are, it is difficult to land a role and it sucks because you feel like a loser. When you become someone, everyone expects a miracle from you, big roles, big movies, big hits, and it is not easy because it is a big responsibility, big pressure. It's always the best to be in the middle.

What can we expect from the third movie, Eclipse, you wrapped that movie?
Yes, recently, we are preparing for the fourth part. Expect more characters, more interaction among main characters, relation between Edward and Jacob, fighting for Bella's affection is
accentuated. There is a war between vampires and humans, there will be more action, the movie will be a spectacle.

During making movies you probably don't have enough time for music, which is a big passion of yours; you've written two songs for Twilight?
Yes, I put music aside for a while. Acting and music are important for me, but it's difficult to do both of them simultaneously. I try and play some music or write new songs during movie breaks. I'll try to record something later this year....

Is this the announcement of your record?
I don't know... Maybe (laughter).

Well, girls will go crazy if you become a rocker!
That's true! Women love rock stars! (laughter)

What's necessary for a woman to impress you?
Money! there's never enough of it! (laughter)

Besides that?
A lot of patience!

I'm not the easiest person. I'm stubborn and I don't like people to tell me what to do; if people order me around I become irritable and evil.

Describe a perfect date....
Uffff..... I don't know, I'm not very good in dating as dating is understood in America.

What do you mean?
In England, having a date means going out with your boyfriend or a girlfriend. Here in America, everybody goes on a date as if it is nothing special. "I went out with three guys this week..." Yes, you are a whore then, right? (laughter)

You know, you are being compared to Leonardo Di Caprio?
So stupid! It's not fair to him, my god, he was an Oscar nominee when he was eleven years old! (DiCaprio was nominated for What's Eating Gilbert Grape when he was 19, but the role of Arnie made him look like he was 11)

What about being called the sexiest man alive?
That's even more ridiculous, I'm not even a real man yet!

Stjepan Hundić

New Rob Pic From Galaxie Mag

From GalaxieMag, they wrote:
"attention twihards! this pic & more new moon news in the new issue of Galaxie"


RobSten Fan Vids: The Top 5 RobSten Moments in 2009 (So Far). Cosmic Love.

The vid includes the Top 5 Robsten Moments of 2009, thus far.
1. The MTV Movie Awards 2009
2. New Vanity Fair outtakes which include the infamous "kiss" picture
3. HB's amazing photoshoot and article
4. NM Promo Tour; Europe, Hot Topic, JKL Show
5. Paris. Airport. Hand-Holding. *sigh*

This great RobSten love-filled vid by xSomethingxSpecialx . Thanks hun!

And another amazing vid, from one of my fave RobSten vid shipper, kstewloverx.

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RobSten Flashback Vid: Borders Interview

This is worthwhile to watch over and over again. Watch how Rob stares at Kristen - LOL! So cute!

Rob and Kristen's Interviews with Eyebite.TV - LA Premiere

Thanks to Cami for the heads up.
I'm sorry guys if these are reposts. I am seriously having RobSten withdrawals. I may or may not start hallucinating about them now. LOL. The couple are pretty stealthy. I'm happy thinking that they are spending really quiet quality time with each other. Totes love RobSten!

How are you handling the dry spell, people? Should I call a resident shrink so we can start a huddle for RobStens Anonymous?

Rob In Greek Mag - Interview

Here is the trans­lated interview:

Q: How uncom­fort­able is it, being called the new Leonardo diCaprio?
A: I think it’s not fair, espe­cially to him. He was nom­i­nated for an Oscar when he was eleven years old or some­thing .I don’t con­sider myself to be his suc­ces­sor.
Q: Your face is now in every teenage girl’s room. How do you feel as a teenage idol? A: It’s inter­est­ing. I never thought I would cause such reac­tions to peo­ple. I never thought that pale skin can be con­sid­ered so sexy. But it’s funny. When I was in school, no one expected some­thing like that from me. How­ever, some years later, every­thing changed.

Q: Can you still walk on the street like a nor­mal per­son though? You could become the vic­tim of hoards of young girls.
A: Not really. Things change very fast in the big cities. When you’re in a restau­rant, it makes sense for peo­ple to gather out­side. On the other hand, it depends on how much you’re inter­ested in some­thing like that.

Q: You have a real pas­sion for music. You also wrote a song for the first movie’s sound­track. Have you left your music endeav­ors behind you or is there still room for rock music in your heart?
A: I’ve started play­ing a lit­tle bit more now. Dur­ing the shoot­ing of the third movie I wrote some songs. I don’t know if I’m going to do some­thing with them.

Q: You have a band, if I’m not mistaken?
A: Not any­more. I used to have a band when I was fif­teen. But music remains very impor­tant for me. I just don’t want to release an album now because it will be like Edward Cullen’s new album.

Q: So, is act­ing more impor­tant for you?
A: It is as impor­tant as music, but it is dan­ger­ous to give myself to both at the same time. I think it’s bet­ter to focus on one or the other.

Q: Is it annoy­ing being con­fused with your char­ac­ter, Edward Cullen?
A: You just have to wait and see how peo­ple will take you. If peo­ple still see me as Edward Cullen in 25 years, I think I might have to mur­der someone.

Q: How’s the ideal date for you?
A: I have no idea. I’m not at all good at dating.

Q: Don’t you go out on dates in Eng­land, like in America?
A: We don’t “go out on dates” in Eng­land. If you go out with a girl once, then she’s your girl­friend. Oth­er­wise, you’re a womanizer.

Q: So you’re monogamous?
A: Yes, one girl at a time!!!

Q: Many review­ers have said that Stephanie Meyer’s books are noth­ing more than a metaphor for sex­ual repres­sion. Do you agree with that interpretation?
A: There is a mean­ing to the story, even with­out try­ing to find the hid­den metaphors. I didn’t even know S. Meyer was a Mor­mon and it didn’t affect me at all when I learnt that.

Q: What are your favorite vam­pire movies?
A: I’ve always liked “Blade”.

Q: How about Jack Nichol­son in Wolf?
A: Jack Nichol­son in gen­eral. He is the rea­son I wanted to be an actor.

Q: How does it feel being in the com­pany of other estab­lished stars?
A: The truth is that stars don’t par­tic­u­larly impress me. But I meet them when I go to talk shows. That’s when I get ner­vous because I try to be funny and smart at the same time. I try to find the right joke for the right moment and, damn, that’s not even my job.
Q: Do you ever dream of vampires?
A: No. And to be hon­est I rarely dream at all. It’s annoying.

Q: Together with Kris­ten Stew­art you share the luck of hav­ing become famous with just one movie. How much have you bonded with her because of that?
A: It’s won­der­ful know­ing that you’re work­ing with peo­ple that are at the begin­ning of their career as well, cov­er­ing the same dis­tance. We are all at a very cru­cial point in our lives. I think we will never for­get the days of Twilight.

Q: Are you at all excited with all the new fame you have gained?
A: Some­times you give inter­views and you’re so tired answer­ing the same ques­tions over again and say­ing dif­fer­ent stuff. I gave 2 inter­views recently to 2 mag­a­zines and when I read them one after the other they made me look like some­one who wants to kill him­self. I don’t know. It will prob­a­bly take me a lot of time to real­ize what has hap­pened to me.

More of the Greek mag scans at Thinking oF Rob Thanks to them and also to Olia/Paranolia for the translation.

Kristen and Taylor On Frank TV

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RobSten Made It To Zimbio's List: Celebrities We're Thankful For

Actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart chat during the presentation of their new film 'The Twighlight Saga - New Moon' during the HVB youth event at the Olympic Hall on November 14, 2009 in Munich, Germany. (November 13, 2009)

Zimbio' s Number 3. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Thank you, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, for giving us months and months and months of juicy reasons to believe you're dating, with the guarantee that you'll say you're just friends the next day. We applaud and thank you for the controlled chaos

To check their complete list click here .

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Remember Me Stills

Flashback Vid: Kristen and Jodie Foster

I think they both adore each other.

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Taylor And Rob: People's Best Celeb Photos of 2009

Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson gets pulses racing – in the daylight! – during a photo call at the Magestic Pier for the Cannes International Film Festival in May.

Think he'd win a wet T-shirt contest? Absolutely! New Moon hottie Taylor Lautner is soaked to the skin – and bares his buff biceps! – during an October photo shoot in Malibu

A Funny Take On Breaking Dawn

Why Breaking Dawn Must Be Made Into A Movie

The Devin Advocate With New Moon likely to make yet another metric fuckload of money this weekend we need to find the bright side to the entire Twilight mania. There must be something good that comes from this awful Mormon fantasy that seems to have invaded our culture on every front. That something is the eventual movie version of Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn opens with Bella Swan, the lacteal heroine of the series, finally getting married to Edward Cullen, the mopey vampire hero. They go off to honeymoon on Isle Esme, a Brazilian island the Cullen clan owns (this is already ridiculous beyond belief. Imagine a vampire going snorkeling; it basically happens in this book), and Edward is afraid to fuck his new bride. The reason: he's super strong and she's just a human - Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex type of situation here. But Bella wears him down and Edward throws it in her - and knocks her the fuck out, leaving her badly bruised.

Let's go over that again: Edward fucks Bella into unconsciousness. This alone should have you running to Fandango to pre-order your tickets, but it only gets better.

Despite being knocked out cold by his sexual style (and having the headboard destroyed), Bella goes back to Edward for seconds. This time he knocks her up. Yes, an undead vampire apparently has enough viable sperm to impregnate a human woman while fucking her off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Read the rest here

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This guy is flipping us with his mockery, but it's really a funny read.

RobSten Flashback: Comic Con 2008

Fun starts at 3:19

If you're a RobSten fan and haven't seen the Comic Con coverage last year, well you are missing a lot. The dynamics that make up the amazing chemistry that these two have, is evident and ALIVE in this panel interview. They were carefree and completely oblivious to what is happening to them and around them.

This RobSten dry spell is making me do weird things. I am now sifting through RobSten history, and I am having a grand time LOL

This is for Khou, Lib, and Sunny!

UK Mag Scans. Reveal and Heat

Reveal UK

Sorry, I can't resist. Swoon! Oh God, Rob...the things you make me do lol.
Heat Mag UK
Gossip-Dance via ROBsessed. More on their sites.

Kristen's EW Cover Untagged

My gosh! Girl-crushing! So beautiful! Rob is a lucky dude!

Thanks to Gen for this precious find!

Entertainment Weekly: Deets On Bella And Edward's NM Wardrobe

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentary knows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.
: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade 11 year, and now he’s getting into his graduation year, he’s in a relationship. He had worn hoodies and jeans and sneakers, and Robert, the director [Chris Weitz], and I all wanted to portray him more as a gentleman, more elegant and classic. With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing. He came out of the Edwardian period, around 1910. Of course, most of the gentleman from that time would be wearing suits, coats, hats, etc. We had to pick something that was iconic for the character that would suffice to be used throughout the whole film. At the very beginning of the film, he has one school outfit, and then there’s Bella’s birthday party and disaster strikes. So Edward ends up in that same costume for the remainder of the film. I was thinking of just putting him in a dress shirt and a pair of pants, but Robert wanted to be in a suit.

So I found a modern contemporary look that would be appealing to him and to the massive fan base, a very slim cut, and a fabric that to me was a bit Old World — this beautiful tweed fabric that we got out of England. It had the gray base, which is kind of essential for the Cullen characters in their cool tones, but also had little interesting flecks of blue, which is also Cullen, and a tiny little bit of rust, which I liked because Bella wears earth tones and that kinda linked her into the picture. The general texture of the suit would hold up well no matter what setting he was in: Inside the house for the party, or in the forest, or in the Volturi chamber. We had to show wear on the suit, and it’s much easier to rough up something that has texture to it than just a flat piece of wool. His pants are worn at the knees, they’re rumpled.

I don’t know if anyone’s looking at his pants when he removes his shirt in Italy.
The fans were very excited to see that, I don’t know if Robert was particularly excited to perform that in front of 1,500 people. I think it was quite hard for him to do. We originally tested Edward in a plain white shirt, as a forlorn-looking option. That is also what Robert wanted — he wanted something that would wash him out. But you need to have a color that makes you pop, and so we actually dyed the fabric this beautiful ink blue ourselves. It highlighted his vampire white skin really well. I think it’s a great moment when we see him in these clothes that he’s worn from September to May. When he goes to sacrifice himself, he’s in disrepair. Robert and Chris wanted his shirt to have a rip across the chest, so that’s what we gave him. It’s really kind of tragic to watch him take off his shirt, because he really is sacrificing himself. It looks like he’s just giving up. He’s exposing himself and he’s completely vulnerable, and he just takes his shirt off and he drops it at his feet with his eyes downcast. Then he gets attacked by Bella, who shoves him inside the doors. [Laughs] I don’t find it like a beefcake moment. It really is a moving moment, and I think Robert did a really amazing job for that scene.

The tear across the chest was to symbolize that his heart was torn out when he thought he lost Bella?
Maybe. [Laughs] They just said, “Rip it across the chest.” I said, “Are you sure? No shirt’s gonna rip like this.” And they said, “Yes.” So I did it.

Why couldn’t he remain shirtless for the indoor fight scene? Why put on the robe?
Originally, the guards who grab him were supposed to be coming from the outside — that’s why they give him the robe. But the setting was changed, and they grab him on the inside. So why do they hand him this robe? Because, quite honestly, it looks very cool fighting with this long, flowing garment, and it does hide pads, protect him.

What was your vision for Bella’s look?
I think that the previous designer really successfully captured the essence of this girl who was a little bit misplaced and ill-prepared coming from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to continue the look that she was a very practical girl. She didn’t dress to entice, she threw on a jacket if the weather was cold, she layered up because she probably gets colder than the average girl from that area. In discussions with Kristen [Stewart], she also wanted to look a little bit more mature and put together. At the beginning of the film, when she’s happy and in love with Edward, she wanted to be linked colorwise to his world, the cool tones. When he leaves her, she kinda falls into disarray and gets sloppy and just throws on any old thing. But the any old things that we threw on her were in the earth tones [of Jacob's world]. We didn’t bring back her cool color palette until she was encountering Edward again.

What piece of Bella’s New Moon clothing do you expect everyone to want?
There’s a green shirt from Boy by Band of Outsiders that she wears at the end of the film in Italy that a lot of people seem to like.

Read the rest here
Thanks to SpunkRansom

Chris Weitz Praises Kristen

It's sad this dream sequence didn't make it to the final cut.
Chris Weitz once again mentions how impressed he is by Kristen and her acting in an audio interview posted at KCRW. A transcript of the Kristen-related parts can be found below. Go here to listen to the whole interview.

"Especially Kristen who has to carry the entire film, was shooting everyday, and I think is just a force of nature. I think she’s absolutely extraordinary. I think she’s one of the best actors living to be honest. "

"The way that she portrays emotions is extraordinary. I don’t think I’ve ever met an actor who had a better BS meter on themselves. Even takes that I thought were wonderful she’d say ‘No, No, No’ and than the next one would be much better. She delivers this kind of really wonderful performance."

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Rob And Kristen's Interview With - Poland

How he relates to Jacob and giving up the spotlight.

vid by CullensNews

BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT! Joyeux anniversaire GiGi! Woohoo! From me and all the girls here!

Rob Talks About Stealing On Set - LOL

Vid byCullensNews

I wanna know where he wants to use the cuff. I'm remembering one of my fave fanfic, the lemony one. LOL. Uhmm, Rob in the Cullen cuff. Fcuk hawt!

Rob's Interview With - Spain

Thanks so much RPLife
1.- You once said that if there was ever a fight between Edward and Jacob, Edward would be the winner. Could Rob beat Taylor?
2.- There's something that intrigues me, if Jacob is in love with Bella, and he's also really hot, why do you think Bella doesn't like him? Could it be because he doesn't own a Volvo?
3.- Could you tell us how do you deal with going out on the streets and running into a lot of girls who are screaming how hot you are? Do you sign autographs for all of them or do you just run out of there screaming 'Jumanji!!!'
4.- Yesterday I was watching some interviews on YouTube and I found one that happened during the Teen Choice Awards in which Kristen was asked where you were. She said that you were probably in the bathroom looking in the mirror and playing with your hair. Do you really spend that much time on your hair?
5.- Could you tell us something funny that happened when you were filming this movie??
6.- A couple of hours ago I was live tweeting all of what was going on during the press conference. Aren't you interested in sharing your thoughts with your fans through Twitter or Facebook? The Jonas Bros, who were here yesterday, are already doing it.

Thanks to Dominique from Chile for the translation. Hi hun! Welcome to my blog!

Another Rob Video From Japan

Rough translation of the questions:
0:03- What is your favorite scene in New Moon?
0:27- How about the scenes you appear in?
0:49- What if you are in a forbidden love?
1:02- So you are not logical but emotional?
1:15- What do you think of Jacob?
1:42- What is your weakness?
2:09- Are you scared of going to a doctor?
2:51- What is the difference before and after Twilight? for example, you made lots of new friends...?

Thanks to RPLife and OdameCA

Rob In Another Madrid Interview. Talks About His 2010 Filming Schedule

Thanks to CullensNews

Rob and Kristen: Teen.Com Interviews

More complex relationship with Edward or Rob, uhmm

New Photos of Rob In Japan - Nov 2009

Japan always want him in a corner for pictures, lol. I swear.

Corners look very dangerous for Rob, it's just easy to man-handle him. LOL.
He looks very young here, like during Harry Potter days.

Looking tired but still soooo gorgeous.

Kristen's Fearless Fashion

In this week's Grazia Magazine (UK) there is an interview with Kristen and in it her stylist Tara Swennen talks about her look and what she wore on the NM tour.

She loved this on the catwalk. The sheer panels are very edgy - very Kristen.

We shortened this into a mini to show off her amazing legs.

Oscar de la Renta
Kristen wanted to give the fans something really special with this dress.

J Mendel
Classic, elegant, and so chic for Paris. It's nice to show the ladylike side of her.

Proenza Schouler
Kristen's favourite look. She loved the edgy prints and feathered skirt.

Jason Wu
This fit Kristen amazingly and we loved the print. The belt gave it an edge.

Elizabeth & James
She loved dresses with pockets and this worked with her new shaggy bob.

Herve Leger
She has a perfect body so we wanted to show it off. She was totally confident.
Few people understand she's fearless when it comes to fashion," explains Tara. "She's comfortable in her own style and has a natural edge to her, but when she's in the mood she likes to go elegant." As for the Oscar De La Renta floor-length tulle gown she wore to the world premiere, "She wanted to do something special and different in LA - dressy but not blingy." The designer approved: "Kristen is a very talented actress. She looked beautiful, very feminine," he said.
And "It's Kristen's desire to experiment that puts her in a league of her own, as she effortlessly manages to pull of the uber-cool look ever time. We adore her spirit for setting her own trends!", say design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who are such fans of the film they co-hosted a special screening in New York.

The Proenza Schouler duo agree: "Kristen has a strong individualism that we find attractive. She seems to possess a a self-awareness beyond her years. We respect her strength of character

Rob's Times Live Interview

On a balmy autumn day in Vancouver, Canada, a young man is longing for a walk outside in the sunshine, and deciding against it.

Far easier for him to stay in his hotel room, cocooned in five-star luxury, with a cellphone that has run out of charge, safe at least from the girls chanting his name outside.

Robert Pattinson, 23, from Barnes in southwest London, ought still to be one of Hollywood's beautiful dreamers, moving up the ranks of movie acting, enjoying his American adventure, his guitar, his good looks. Instead he lives in danger of being trampled in a stampede of teen love. He plays the vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, the biggest books-to-screen phenomenon since Harry Potter - in which, by the way, Pattinson was Cedric Diggory, heroic golden boy and victim of Voldemort. Boy, his life has changed since Hogwarts.

In Canada, he is shooting Eclipse, the third of Stephenie Meyer's quartet of novels. The second, New Moon, was released this month in a publicity extravaganza that involved shutting down New York's Times Square. The last time the actor was there, the square was also closed to traffic, for an event only marginally more fascinating to the world: the election victory of Barack Obama. We talk on the phone. Even now, a year afterTwilight's release, Pattinson sounds utterly stunned by the hysteria swirling around him.

"It's been a little frightening," he laughs, a sort of embarrassed chuckle, the sound of someone negotiating the best bit of luck they have ever had, not wanting to sound blasé or overexcited. "In England, no one had heard of the series when I went for the audition, so it has been a total, utter surprise. The change to my everyday life is so extreme. Before this, I was used to working 10 days a year. Originally, I did a three-picture deal, but I wasn't even really thinking about that . I had no idea I'd still be working on it now."

Does the poor boy, who still calls London home, feel he has to hide? "I tend to stay in the hotel because where I'm staying is publicised all the time. There's always a bunch of people outside. I can't really be in Los Angeles now at all. It's not that the fans are threatening, but the paparazzi follow me all night." This hounding can evoke an absurd sympathy, considering the kid's fortune and prospects. But then he brightens, telling me he was buying a guitar the other day and had to spell his name 12 times, and the guy still didn't twig. "I loved that."

When he read the first script, he had no idea how to play it. "I thought Bella, the heroine, would be a damsel in distress and I'd have to be the alpha-male hero type, so I thought I was never going to get it. But then they cast Kristen Stewart and she's not really like that, so I realised there was a different way to play Edward, to show his vulnerability." Could he get trapped and find it hard to move on to different sorts of roles?

"It worries me, because the whole Twilight thing keeps getting bigger and bigger, and now it's so big, even my own ego can't cope with it. A certain amount of success you can mentally deal with, but there's a point where you think: 'Jesus Christ, what is this? I'm not that great!' I just wanted to make an American film, and I wanted it to be relatively good and to be good in it. I have never pushed to do anything . As soon as you start going to the gym every day and try to look like a movie star, you're going down a worrisome track." He laughs. "Being an English guy, you get a lot more breaks. You're allowed to look a little worse. It's that thing about English teeth."

To say New Moon is eagerly awaited is like saying the Pope could use a miracle. Moreover, it promises to be twice as hormonally charged as Twilight, since it offers two poster boys for the price of one.
Is Pattinson embarrassed to have millions of girls in love with him? "The only time it's embarrassing is when you do a photo shoot and people try to force you to look clean-cut," he says. "When they use pictures where you're smiling sweetly and having your hair brushed, because that's not what you want to be known for. I don't really know why the girls love the movie so much. The series has become a bit of a cult. People like being part of the club. They're obsessed."

TimesLive via RPLife. Thanks :)

Rob And New Moon Cast Interview With SBS South Korea

Rob and others speak Korean! Too cute!

Rob, Chris, Kristen, and Taylor Have Fun In Munich

So funny!

The Dating Styles Of Rob And Kristen. Another Kristen Interview.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may try to put on a tough, brooding exterior, but their mushy love lives tell a totally different story!

Nightlife expert and mixologist Somer Perez dishes EXCLUSIVELY on what the dating habits of R-Patz and K-Stew reveal.

“I think their chemistry is undeniable,” Somer confesses of the duo, who hit a slew of high-end NYC jaunts like Gemma, SoHo House, and MEGU while promoting New Moon. ”Their choice of locale for cozy snuggles tells us (the baited-breath public!) that they are ready to see and be seen together. Note to celebs: If you don’t want to be seen, stop picking the SoHo House as your snuggle nook!”

Rob and Kristen “went everywhere from Thompson Street to the Upper West Side,” Somer notes. “You don’t do that unless you’re courting someone through the city!”

Somer also loves their taste in meals. “Shrimp in mango sauce at MEGU … Hello! Yum.” She admits, “I don’t want to see them with anyone else [but each other]. Just seeing them holding hands in Paris or sipping wine at Gemma makes us all feel cozy and warm inside.”


Watch Kristen's face at 0:53, and now we know the reason why.
Here are the translation for the questions.
1) Well, it's obvious that Taylor is a pretty sexy werewolf but you're not in love with him. It's because Taylor doesn't have a Volvo?

2)You've been to Spain before. Tell us the differences between both visits. Have you noticed how the amount of Spanish fans has grown?

3) Who is more frightening? A vampire or a fan?

4) I don't know if you like Internet surfing as much as I do, but I found in Happing a really nice panties with Robert Pattinson's face in them. Would you wear any panties like these?

5)Can you tell us any funny anecdote that had happened to you while filming the movie?

6) A couple hours ago, I was posting in live through our Twitter the things you were saying in the press conference. Why don't you use Twitter as the Jonas Brothers do, who were here yesterday? Are you afraid of telling so many things to your fans?

Thanks Kstewangel and thanks to Robstenspain for helping us with the translation. I heart you hun. Muchas gracias! Oh my, I have the sweetest readers. Welcome to the newbies Audrey, loli, Megan, Spellbound, Manuela, Fiorels and Khaoula/Libenet, spidah monkey, my sharona, and my brand of heroin, and to all my Anons!

Another Rob and Chris Video From Japan

Rob was blushing the whole time. Awkward! Good thing Chris Weitz was with him.
The cute girls are from a Japanese pop group, AKB48.
Via RPLife. Thanks to rafaboreanaz for the gifs

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TwiCast Talk About Eclipse. Kristen's Interview With Ryan Seacrest

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This Tops Them All: Rob and Kristen Want A Baby - LOL

GossipCop So what’s next for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after the box office success of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”?

“Rob & Kristen Eager for Baby” announces the always (ahem) reliable National Enquirer.
Oh, boy.

“Great news!” the tab trumpets. “A baby ‘vampire’ will be winging its way to ‘Twilight’ co-stars – and off-screen lovers – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.”

Yeah, this is going to be even sillier than we thought.

A “source close to the couple” tells the tabloid, “Kristen and Rob want to have kids.” “While they initially felt they were too young, those fears seem to have evaporated,” the source continues, “They feel having a baby would cement their love.”

See, Pattinson “very much wants to become a dad – but doesn’t talk about it much… it is kind of his secret,” claims the actor’s cousin Ed Nutley. A previous girlfriend “thwarted” his desires, while “in sharp contrast, Kristen seems to be happy and willing to help her co-star fulfill his dream of fatherhood.” A “close source” confides the two “would like to be married before having a baby… but if Kristen gets pregnant before they get hitched, that’s OK, too.”

Curious about how the Enquirer backs up its bombshell assertions?

“Back in July, an Australian publication claimed Kristen was pregnant… it turned out she was not pregnant… but they’re working on it.”

You mean this Australian publication? The one that was – as the Enquirer admits – 100% wrong?

Oh, but that’s not all! “The starry-eyed stars were recently snapped holding hands at a Paris airport and were seen cuddling at a concert in August,” the Enquirer whispers.

Cuddling and holding hands??

Gossip Cop takes it back. That’s EXACTLY how vampire babies are made. We remember from vampire sex ed.
I just had to share this with you. I had a blast reading this. Oooh OK! has competition in National Enquirer. I can see Bad Ass herself laughing her perfect ass off to this BS. Today is Thanksgiving Day, you twerps, NOT April Fools'.

RobSten Fan Vid: "I'm In Love" - Latest RobSten Rumor

Thanks to Sally/Gemamisas . This vid suits RobSten perfectly!

THE LATEST ON THE RUMOR MILL : Rob Plans Romantic Christmas Vacation with Kristen

Robert Pattinson is reportedly planning to surprise Kristen Stewart with a romantic Christmas vacation to the English countryside.
“He’s enlisted the help of his mom, Clare, to find a cottage where he and Kris can spend a few days together,” says an insider.
Pattinson, 23, and Stewart, 19, are set to spend Christmas Day at Pattinson’s family’s home. “They think she’s perfect for Rob and told her they’d like her to join them for Christmas dinner,” the source adds.
The couple currently stars together in the Twilight sequel New Moon.

Thanks Kamin for the heads up! Let's hope it's true, crosses fingers. Awww, we are ruining Rob's surprise haha.

Rob's Interview With InStyle Germany - December 2009

The 23 year old tries to stay as relaxed as possible in this tense atmosphere and grins apologetically, as if to say: Really not my fault. But it is. Because even as a man you have to ungrudgingly admit: Robert Pattinson just looks illegally good.


The important stuff at the beginning: Millions of girls are wondering if you are in a relationship with your co-star Kristen Stewart?
Honestly? I can understand that my fans are interested to know but I just want to say this: She's a wonderful co-worker. I haven't read anything that's been written about us in a long time.
Are girls afraid of you?
If girls are afraid of me? I hope so! When you don't have something dangerous, animalistic as a man you aren't a real man, are you? (laughs)

What kind of women do you like?
I like women that are a bit dark and that don't have superficial self-confidents.

Leonardo DiCaprio told me once that with Robert Pattinson there was finally a young man in the film business he could give his title "eternal romantic hero“to , do you accept?
He said that? Wow. It sounds stupid but do you know what? It is kind of cool. The guy has a great career and made the best out of his early success. In this respect I gladly step into his foot steps.

You are not only a talented actor but also a gifted singer. Your song “Never Think” is on the “Twilight” soundtrack. When will the album be releases?

I’ve been making music for some time. The director heard one of my songs and wanted it for the soundtrack. The whole music thing is a bit embarrassing for me. I once had a band, but now that I’m this popular it sounds weird: Robert Pattinson, the singing actor.

Fans are supposedly camping out in front of your apartment in Los Angeles. Can you keep up counting?

(laughts) They didn’t really camp there. And at the moment I’m not even there too often. But in the beginning they actually waited round the clock there. And they left messages on my car daily.

What were the messages like?
It started with: “Please don’t think I’m crazy but call me.” It built-up to “If you don’t pay attention to me, I kill myself. But I’m not crazy…”

Well, wherever you are girls are screaming. And you still seem to wonder about that?
I’m still wondering in fact. It’s completely crazy. I’m still surprised very time I see a real screaming fan.

Kristen Stewart said you change your clothes rarely. How long have you been wearing today’s outfit already?
I think from the belt upwards everything is new. Sometimes I really wear my clothes until I can’t stand the smell anymore.

Why don’t you change your clothes more often then?
I only have a few things I really like. And I’m always en route, away from washing machines. Why am I even telling you that? Ah, something else, I rarely brush my hair. My dad always wanted to brush my hair when I was little. I hated it. Now I sound like a complete freak. (laughs)
You’re driving an ancient car. Your apartment has been paid by the production company. Still everyone claims you’re always broke.
I don’t know why. It’s a mystery to me. I’m probably losing my money on the streets…

Thanks to RPLife

Translation by German_Girl via Gossip Dance
Some parts seem new, some seem old. Oh well.

Five Facts About Eclipse. The Eclipse Poster in UHQ

Rotten Tomatoes 5 Facts about Eclipse
The Twilight Saga: New Moon has been in cinemas for almost a week. So, depending on your feelings towards sparkly vampires and extremely buff werewolves, you will either have seen it three times already or avoided it altogether. Either way, the fandemonium has subsided enough for us to look to the future. It's just seven months until Eclipse, the third instalment of Stephenie Meyer's popular book series, hits the big screen. RT caught up with the cast in LA's Four Seasons hotel during their manic New Moon press tour to get the latest on the eagerly anticipated film. We learned that Robert Pattinson hates pranks, that Nikki Reed loves werewolves and that we may just see a fifth film. Read on to find out more...

Fact #1: It's Darker
The brand new poster for Eclipse hints at a darker tone with its brooding storm clouds. With 30 Days of Night director David Slade at the helm, it's unsurprising. "Every movie is different because we work with a different director on each one, which I love," Taylor Lautner tells RT. "David Slade is perfect for the third film because it's darker. Eclipse was my favourite book."

Ashley Greene, who plays vampire Alice, tells RT that Slade isn't just a prince of darkness. "David is actually hysterical," she laughs, "He has such a dry sense of humour that sometimes you don't know if he's kidding or not. Eclipse will be amazing because he has made it far edgier and more dramatic. It's going to look very cool."

Fact #2: There Will Be Less "Love Story" and More "War" (Oh no!!!)

"Eclipse isn't as intimate as Twilight or New Moon," Robert Pattinson explains to us. "We're at war, so I get to interact with more characters, not just Kristen. You'll also find out more about the other members of the Cullen family. It just feels bigger." But -- fear not, Twihards -- that isn't to say the love story is cast aside altogether. "New Moon set up a love triangle with Bella, Edward and Jacob," says Lautner. "So we explore that further in Eclipse. It's a tough situation for all of them because Bella is torn between two guys, Jacob can't get the girl that he loves and then there's Edward, with all of his issues."

Fact #3: The Werewolves Will Crank Up the Sex Appeal

"We all know the appeal of the vampire family," says Nikki Reed, who plays vampire Rosalie. "But the werewolf boys are on a whole different level. They interact with a youthful, playful, comfortable warmth. It's very sexy."

As for Pattinson, he admits that his personal jealousy about Taylor Lautner's newly-ripped physique actually comes in handy for the role. "In Eclipse, Taylor and I have lots of scenes together where we have to be jealous and petty with each other," he says. "So it helps that I actually do feel inadequate when I see his body, especially because he's younger than me. He fulfills every criteria of what teenage girls want, physically, in a guy. I felt like a had to prove myself against him."

Fact #4: There's More Action

The entire cast turned up on set for Eclipse looking super-buff."

New cast member Bryce Dallas Howard tried to play a prank on the crew during one stunt, but she didn't count on Pattinson's awkwardness. "We had a fight scene where Bryce had to grab my hair," he laughs. "So she took a clump of hair from my stunt double's wig and was going to pretend she had pulled it from my head. She told me to scream and storm off set, but it was so embarrassing. She had this huge clump of hair in her hand, and I was like 'oww,' really unconvincingly."

While the rest of the cast were having fun with stunts, spare a thought for poor Taylor Lautner. "Eclipse is a lot more physical for my character," he explains, "but any time I have any kind of action, I'm a wolf, so it's all done with CGI. It's a bummer."

Fact #5: The Ending Will Be Nicely Set Up For a Fourth - And Perhaps Fifth - Film

There are four books in The Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. But Ashley Greene gave RT the strongest indication yet that there might be five films. "We have finished filming Eclipse and one would assume that, if New Moon does as well as Twilight, then we'll start filming Breaking Dawn next year," she says.

"The only thing is, Breaking Dawn is a very large book so it would be a really long movie. We're thinking they might decide to split it into two parts, like they did with Harry Potter. Either way, we need to get on with shooting them because, unlike Harry Potter, vampires don't age. So we all need to look the same!"

via lion_lamb

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a RobSten follower, we have lots of things to give thanks for this year and here are some of them.

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The Kings of Leon Concert in August.
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And we will always have Paris... Le sigh...
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