Rob and Kristen Aren't Fooling Anyone

We're not sure why "Are they or aren't they?" is even a question anymore when it comes to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The "New Moon" co-stars have been spotted kissing and holding hands in cities across the globe, and this weekend in New York was no exception.

Still, we're sure that until Pattinson and Stewart hold a press conference to officially pronounce their love for one another, there will be a ton of people who will continue to act like their relationship is the world's biggest mystery. Can you imagine the twitching and mumbling mess that would be that press conference?

Pattinson and Stewart opted to skip the "New Moon" premiere party on Thursday in New York, instead club-hopping throughout the night on their own. They started their night of alleged couple fun at the Soho House, and then headed over to Avenue, which has proven to be a favorite of Rob's during his time in New York. At this point, the couple is said to have made out while a bodyguard attempted, to no avail, to stop people from looking at them.

Look, kids, if you don't want people to see you making out, do it behind closed doors. Don't make out with a bodyguard standing in front of you, because it's awkward for the bodyguard, and it insults the intelligence of the rest of us, who are tired of having to use the words "alleged" and "reported" when describing you as a couple.

The bar-hopping didn't end on Thursday. Robsten were back on the New York scene on Saturday night, hitting up Dive Bar, and on Sunday, they had dinner in Megu in Tribeca. A source who spotted the twosome told People magazine, "They were with two friends and looked very cozy. Both were having a great time."

Of course they looked "cozy." It's easy to feel all warm and gooey inside when you've spent the weekend palling around the city with your equally famous significant other, basking in the unprecedented success of the new movie the two of you just starred in. The world would be a very "cozy" place if we all got to spend a weekend or two that way.
source. Thanks to KStewAngel for the tip

Except for the "making out" reported here, which I am taking with saltines, I totally agree with this article. Well, ever since the August KOL concert I stopped doubting the coupling of RobSten. Not to mention, Rob and Kristen agreeing to that sorta "newlywed game" via Harper's Bazaar. The Parisgate pics, duh! And now with these NY dinner dates (with or without friends, who cares) and Rob arriving in LA with Kristen, what kind of confirmation do we really need? I think we may need to send them T-shirts saying "Rob's girlfriend" for Kristen and "Kristen's boyfriend", obviously for Rob. And when they wear it, we can mark that as their coming-out date, what do you think?