RobSten Gossip In US Weekly

Rob and Kristen are on the cover and in an article of the new issue of US Weekly. Just for the sake of gossip, the article said that:
On November 14th, before joining costar Taylor Lautner at a press conference at Munich, Germany's luxe Bayerischer's Hof Hotel, the two - who checked into separate rooms - shared a breakfast in Pattinson's suite. "They placed identical orders: sausage, bacon and eggs", said a hotel staffer, who adds: "They were already dressed" when room service was delivered. And shortly after, a witness says: "Rob complained of a stomach ache". A doting Stewart said: "you take anything for it?" and went to put her hand on his tummy.
Why the suddenly undisguised intimacy? Perhaps it's because, for the first time since he called Stewart his "crush" after meeting her in late 2007, the actress is officially single.