More RobSten Pics From Lax - Ted C Reports

This could have been the money shot if Rob was in the frame, lol. Kristen, all smiley.

Thanks to Popsugar and Libenet for the tip.

UPDATED WITH Ted C. Glad our little travel-tip yesterday turned out to be true.

Robert Pattinson landed back in Los Angeles with GF Kristen Stewart yesterday after unwinding together all weekend in NYC.

Even People magazine has deets of Rob and Kristen full-on making out in public Friday night. Robsten doubters are you even out there still?

So can we get used to this new Robsten? Ya know, the same undercover lovers who try so hard to never be snapped in the same frame together...

"Rob and Kristen have been doing exactly what they wanted all along, don't be fooled [by this new openness]," sasses Deep Twi.

Well, we know in the beginning their relaysh may not have been entirely dictated by R & K, but for the last couple months, they've been the ones in control about what they want to share publicly.

Still, don't expect an exclusive Barbara Walters sit-down tell-all interview with the two—but if you ask us, actions speak louder than words.

First, the hand-holding pics, and now Rob's decided to come back to L.A. (where he still has no permanent residence, BTW) with Stewart?

Maybe you Twi-lovers have something to be grateful for after all this Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, here's hoping you cook a delicious feast for our favorite couple. We have a feeling a very hunky man may be coming over for dinner.