More on RobSten's NY Nights

Ted C. 's take on the NYC night of RobSten.

The couple also supposedly hit the town together last night.

Rob was photographed leaving trendy eatery Megu in Tribeca, but Kristen was nowhere in paparazzi sight.

How is it possible that they keep going to all these places without getting photographed together? Could it be because K.Stew just really wasn't there?

Nope, Robsten's just that good!

It has been confirmed that Stewart joined Rob and his party of eight for dinner at Megu last night.

A source inside the restaurant tells E! Pattison was drinking a few of the Fritz Briem, an artisanal beer, as part of Megu's beer night, and was munching on some signature Japanese dishes like the kobe beef skewers and okaki asparagus.

Kristen enjoyed a sashimi platter and the king crab, and since the actress is still underage, she drank coca cola all night, natch.

"They weren't overly affectionate," says a restaurant spy, "but everyone knows by now [Rob and Kristen] are together. They were all laughing and seemed to be having a really good time. They actually looked relaxed."

Could New Yorkers be immune to this Twilight craziness? "People pretty much just let them be," our source says at the restaurant. It's shocking but true that New Yorkers seem to care less about celebs out and about in their city.

But don't think Robsten got too comfortable. They were sure not to get pictured leaving together.

Obviously, Rob took one for the team, offering up his sexy mug to the swarm of paparazzi waiting out front, while Kristen was able to slip out the back pretty much unnoticed (or rather, unphotographed). Way to be chivalrous, Rob!

Where they'll be spending Thanksgiving is still up in the air, but something tells us you might see R.Pattz on a flight back to Los Angeles.

Well, we just saw that! Woohoo!