The Evolution of Robert Pattinson

totalfilm's The Evolution of Robert Pattinson
The hair! The abs! The jaw! Patz through the ages...

Vanity Fair (2004)
Your big break, and your scenes are left scorching the editing room floor. That’s Hollywood for you!

Mr. Pattinson's first major role saw him appearing in the updated, Reese Witherspoon-headed Vanity Fair as Rawdy Crawley.

His big moment comes in the graveyard scene, where he pouts and looks generally moody and miffed, frilled up something chronic. You can find it in the DVD’s deleted scenes.

The Do: The famous quiff puts in an early appearance, though the do’s shorter than usual.

Ring Of The Nibelungs (2004)

TV flick that used Norse mythology as a springboard for a lot of chatter about Dragon-Slaying and the like. Pattinson's fee funded his tuition at the Harrodian School in barnes.

R-Patz is Giselher, the king’s brother, who stows away on a voyage to Iceland. He wears a lot of Medieval-type clothing, and a lot of leather. There is actually smiling involved, which is a shock for anybody who’s not seen anything of Pattinson pre-Twilight.

The Do: It’s mullet time! Long, blonder than ever, and very pretty indeed. Nasty fringe, though.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (2005)

Nabbing a role in The Little Franchise That Could, Pattinson plays Cedric Diggory (or should that be Deadric?), the famously tragic figure who falls at the hand of You-Know-Who.

His performance landed him the British Star of Tomorrow award from The Times, and by all accounts Patz had a good time filming how to scuba dive for the part. Oh, and he lied in his audition, saying that he loved football so he’d get the role. Bad boy.

The Do: Posh, side-swept boys’ school look befitting of somebody called Cedric. It’s about as dangerous as a kitten in a bow.

The Haunted Airman (2006)

R-Patz finds his way around a wheelchair for another TV movie, based on Dennis Wheatley’s ‘40s occult thriller, The Haunting Of Toby Jugg.

At the time, it was a fresh, riveting idea. A disabled British airman recovers from his time in battle. Pattinson’s version was funded by the BBC and aired on BBC4 in October 2006. His performance won fans in The Stage mag, who credited his performance, which incorporated “youthful terror and world weary cynicism”.

The Do: The Cedric do’s still there. Eee, isn't he posh?

The Bad Mother's Handbook (2007)

Another TV film, this one alongside Catherine Tate for ITV. It’s an adaptation of the bestseller of the same name by Kate Long. He plays the boyfriend of Holly Grainger’s Charlie, whose only gone and got herself pregnant.

Stateside, ABC are planning their own TV series based on the book, with the decidedly more glamorous Alicia Silverstone to star. We doubt Patz will be involved.

The Do: Oh dear God, make it stop! Painfully floppy curtains render R-Patz nothing more than a big, walking night-hair. Needs a serious trim.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007)

Wait just one cotton picking minute, didn’t Patz die in the last HP outing? Ah, sorry Patties, there’s no resurrection for his manly Deadric. He just appears in a photograph.

It’s little more than a cameo, but a sweet one at that.

“Sometimes I think, ‘To hell with acting,’” the actor says. “And then I realize I could be working at a shoe shop. Acting is much cooler.”

The Do: A repeat of the young, gentlemanly cut he favoured in Goblet Of Fire.

The Summer House (2008)

A short film from the London Academy, Summer House might as well have been the role that convinced the Twilight producers that he was right for Edward Cullen.

After all, he plays a dark, persuasive stalker-type who falls head-over-heels in love with a dark-haired young lady and tries everything to woo her. He’s got a bit of a Hollywood tan here; lovely.
The Do: Still long, sort of a cross between the remains of a dead rat and an aging rocker.
How to Be (2008)

Patz shows off his skill with a guitar playing the odd-named Art (we’re guessing that’s short for Artemidoros or Arthgallo), a sort of transient low-life who means well, but seems to end up annoying everybody despite himself.

It was first released at the IFC Festival in April 2009 after having been on a screening tour. Patz won a Best Actor award at the Strasbourg Film Festival.

The Do: Dreadful! Curtains are worse than their debut in Bad Mother’s Handbook, and the eyebrows are out of control.

Little Ashes (2008)

Pattinson stretches those acting chops and makes out with a boy. In your face, Bella.

He plays infamous boundary-busting artist Salvador Dalí in the 1922-set tale, who allegedly had a gay affair with poet Federico García Lorca while studying at university in Madrid. There’s a bit where he puts his thing between his legs like Buffalo Bill in The Silence Of The Lambs.

It has been nominated for a prize at the 21st GLAAD Media Awards.

The Do: It’s all about that crazy moustache and the greasy, slicked back hair.

Twilight (2008)

Hard to believe that there was a Twi-hard outcry when news of Pattinson’s casting was first announced. He beat 3,000 brooding hopefuls to the role.

Pattinson says the film “is a metaphor for the virtues of chastity, but it's had the opposite effect. I get letters that say, ‘I'm going to kill myself if you don't watch High School Musical 2 with me.’ It's a little nuts.” Poor Patz.

The Do: That’s more like it. Patz finds his trademark do and makes teenage boys go running to the ‘dressers while forgetting how they took the piss out of the girls for doing the same with The Rachel.

New Moon (2009)

A diminished role for the first Twilight sequel, as Edward dumps his beloved Bella and she goes off with some wolf fella who hates wearing shirts.

It’s Patz’s favourite book in the series. He reportedly refused to have his unruly eyebrows waxed as much as in the first film.

Rumours persist that he and co-star Kristen Stewart are having a secret affair. Nobody’s talking – they don’t even talk to each other in public much.

The Do: A slightly longer, slightly darker variant on the original (to make him a bit grumpier, maybe).

Remember Me (2010)

This is the flick that Patz was filming when he was hit by a car attempting to escape screaming fans. During a break in shooting, he attempted to get away from over-zealous nutjobs and got clipped by a car. Luckily he was fine.

Hollywoodland director Allen Coulter helms this indie romance, in which moody 21-year-old Tyler (Patz) falls in love with Ally (Emilie de Ravin), who lives each day as if it were her last after witnessing her mother’s murder. Cheery stuff.

The Do: He’s found his style now, rocking the short look and making us all look damned unfashionable.

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New Pic of Rob From Budapest

So, Rob took a day off from the BelAmi set. Nice! Perhaps transferred from his hotel to a house in a more privy location? lol

RobSten Fanvid: Edward and Bella Love

Thanks to Sally/Gemamisas. You have got love this vid of Belward. Love, love, and more love!

Another Vid of Rob Running - Bel Ami Set

Short and hot!

Rob at the Bel Ami set - Day 3

Thanks to Neesie, i think she enhanced this gorgeous Georges pic.

Vampire Club, pattinsonlife/twifans

More here at PattinsonLife .

More RobSten Funnies

More from my sweetie, Ate_Ofie. Thanks for these I'm feeling a lot better already! Lurve them all! All in the spirit of fun, no offense meant to Ms. Kristin Scott-Thomas.

Rob's RM PressCon Vids From Absolute Radio

Kristen's New Stills as Joan Jett

My sweetie Sunny, who is a lucky bunny saw The Runaways the other day and she loved it. She said Kristen was as badass and simply amazing as the 70's rocker. Sunny is so lucky! I also hope to catch Kristen as JoanStew soon, first I have to survive this "break". lol


Rob Filming With Kristin Scott-Thomas- Video

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Where is Rob's Bel Ami Mustache?

Like many reluctant heartthrobs, Robert Pattinson is torn between his desire to be taken seriously as an actor and his desire to still look hot. Recently leaked images from the Budapest set of Bel-Ami, based on the 19th-century French novel by Guy de Maupassant, show Pattinson looking dandyish in a top hat and tails as the womanizing social climber Georges Duroy. In almost every way, Pattinson looks the part. Duroy is described in the book as “tall, well-built, fair, with blue eyes, a curled mustache, hair naturally wavy… he recalled the hero of the popular romances.” Anything missing? That’s right: the mustache. Duroy’s luxuriant lip-hair is his most distinctive feature, appearing as early as the second sentence:

After changing his five-franc piece Georges Duroy left the
restaurant. He twisted his mustache in military style and cast a
rapid, sweeping glance upon the diners.

The many subsequent mentions of the mustache make it clear that it is Duroy’s most expressive feature as well:

• On reaching the second floor, he saw another mirror, and once more slackened his pace to look at himself. He likewise paused before the third glass, twirled his mustache, took off his hat to arrange his hair, and murmured half aloud, a habit of his: “Hall mirrors are most convenient.”

• At first he did not reply; a smile lurked beneath his mustache; then he murmured: “I am your slave.”

• Madeleine cast down her eyes; her cheeks were pale. Georges nervously twisted his mustache.

• He seated himself, crossed his legs and began to twist the ends of his mustache, as was his custom when annoyed, uneasy, or pondering over a weighty question.

There is even a sensual description of the mustache in the original French that is strangely shaved off in the English editions. Here’s a rough translation:

• He spoke easily, with charm in his voice, much grace in his eyes, and irresistible seduction in his mustache. It was tousled on his lip, curled, pretty, blonde with red highlights and lighter shades in the spiky hairs on the ends.

Is there a no-mustache clause in Pattinson’s contract? Do his managers feel that a Pringles-guy ‘stache would forever alienate him from the Twilight set, who prefer him looking forever adolescent? Hopefully the filmmakers will add it in post-production.

Vanity fair via RPLife

I'm definitely happy with the absence of the 'tache in Rob's Georges Duroy. It is not the mustache that makes Duroy as ambitious, ruthless, and cunning as his character requires. I believe Rob can pull it off without it. The effectiveness of his portrayal is not based on a piece of body hair extension, just sayin'.

New Eclipse Stills

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Hey, I'm alive you guys! Surviving to say the least. My connection is a killer, so please bear with me. I still have yet to enjoy my cocktail with the little umbrella, until I can post at least 3 today and check on my email and tweet and moderate comments and ... OMG! This vacation is frustrating me. I'm at my wits end.

More Buzz About Kristen and "An American Girl"

MarieClaire Could Twilight star Kristen Stewart have just bagged herself an Oscar-worthy role?

The 19-year-old has been lined up to star in drama An American Girl, playing the role of a young Marine serving in Iraq

And the film's producer and director, James Woods, reckons it's definitely an Oscar-worthy part.

'It's a phenomenal story, and a slam-dunk Oscar for her,' he said in a US television interview.

‘It's about a young woman Marine who serves her duty in Iraq and is wounded, and learns some great lessons that change her life, even though she pays the price.'

‘I'm kind of proud to say it's a movie that honours people who've stayed in harms way for the values that we all share in America,' he continued.

Woods says he hopes to complete shooting by the end of the year, but obviously has to work around his leading lady's jam-packed schedule.

‘Kristen does the Twilight series as you know, and she's got some serious obligations for the next installment of Twilight, so we've got a window,' he explained.

‘That's an important window that we have to fill.'

The fourth installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, is set to start filming in Autumn.

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Vacay Mode...And I'm all Mopey

Hey guys! I'll be on vacation for a week. Yeah, the thought alone is killing me. I think this is my family's way of "intervening" with my addiction, blogging, RobSten, Twilight, etc. Well, they can try, right? I will be posting less times than I usually do, please bear with me. This is an annual family thingy and for the first time ever, I am dreading a vacation. Being away from my pc and you guys, less than 12 hours will gonna be like hell. And its already me making me really sad.

I am just hoping that I will survive being away and not end up like a symptomatic drug addict after a few days. Though I cannot promise you anything- lol.

To all my girlies, thanks for the support at all times. You know who you are, my lovely little coven, K, L, and S. And my Twittah wifeys and pervy twin and friends. I will try very hard (very, very hard) to enjoy this break and be back refreshed and all geared up for Kristen's birthday. Normal blog mode will resume April 6. I'm already missin you loviees. Let the vacay pain start now.

Wax Rob Wears Rob's Own Gear

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