More Buzz About Kristen and "An American Girl"

MarieClaire Could Twilight star Kristen Stewart have just bagged herself an Oscar-worthy role?

The 19-year-old has been lined up to star in drama An American Girl, playing the role of a young Marine serving in Iraq

And the film's producer and director, James Woods, reckons it's definitely an Oscar-worthy part.

'It's a phenomenal story, and a slam-dunk Oscar for her,' he said in a US television interview.

‘It's about a young woman Marine who serves her duty in Iraq and is wounded, and learns some great lessons that change her life, even though she pays the price.'

‘I'm kind of proud to say it's a movie that honours people who've stayed in harms way for the values that we all share in America,' he continued.

Woods says he hopes to complete shooting by the end of the year, but obviously has to work around his leading lady's jam-packed schedule.

‘Kristen does the Twilight series as you know, and she's got some serious obligations for the next installment of Twilight, so we've got a window,' he explained.

‘That's an important window that we have to fill.'

The fourth installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, is set to start filming in Autumn.

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