Pictures of Rob Signing for Fans at the WFE Paris Premiere

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More HQ pics Under the CUT- 
Love these French crowd lots of fanboys. Cool.

Btw, to those of you  who are asking about the 'Breathe Me' pic on my side bar. No, its not from'Breaking Dawn' lol. It's the  prom kiss (in the neck) in 'Twilight', with the image in an upright position.  Credit goes to the person who manipped the color tone of that cap.

More Videos from the WFE Premiere in Berlin

More videos

Rob's Interview with Le Parisien- WFE Paris Premiere

leParisien | via youtube vid by RPlife

Answers a question about the Royal Wedding.

Info about the WFE Barcelona Premiere/Promo

The next Water for Elephants premiere will take place at the Comedia Theatre in Barcelona Sunday, May 1st and the red carpet arrivals are scheduled for 8:15 pm local time ( 7:15 UK time and 2:15pm ET). It’s in the centre of Barcelona, so fans can’t camp there.

The press junket will be on Monday, May 2nd,on the Circus museum Raluy, at 2:00 pm local time (1:00 pm UK time and 10:00am ET).

RobsessedSpain via ToR /RPLife

You can follow the press conference via 20thCFoxSp on twitter. And Rob will be answering questions via El Mundo at 3:30 local time, May 2nd.

Thank Anon for the heads up.

Rob's Interview with Taff -Berlin Press Junket


At 1:34 Rob talks about 'crazy things' Thanks to Irinka.
At 4:38,  thanks T for this. 
Interviewer: In your new movie you have a secret love affair. It seems that’s what you try to do with your girlfriend as well. Is it hard to have a relationship that is observed 24/7?

Rob: Yeah, I think it’s strange to accept people trying to take photographs mainly because people are trying to sell it. And any kind of life where people are trying to sell every aspect of your life and things that are not intended to be sold it just makes me feel tacky and makes me feel cheap and so I prefer to keep my personal life personal. Try to at least.

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Cute Kristen Collages


Missing Kristen?
Click for full size.

Thanks Dee/ Ineedmykstewfix.tumbler

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The blog will be on a slowdown with the photos until I sort this out.  I will definitely not be able to repost everything from day 1, so I will be doing this on a forward basis...if I want to go on and continue blogging. I am rethinking and assessing the situation guys. It has been truly exhausting for me for the past weeks - don't get me wrong I love what I do but maybe its time to slow down and fangirl for a while. Please bear with me while I decide on major changes. Thank you.

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Pics of Rob at the WFE Paris PressCon

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More pics under the CUT

More HQ Pics of Rob at the WFE Paris Premiere

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More HQ Pics after the CUT

Preview of Rob's Interview with Cinema Jeuxactu at the WFE Paris Premiere


The Twilight Saga draws to a close, everyone wondered how the major players in the saga will rebound. If Kristen Stewart is already involved in interesting projects, including On the Road from Walter Salles and Snow White And The Huntsman Rupert Sanders, Robert Pattinson, He confirms with Water for Elephants its image romantic. But the handsome Robert Is just a fop, knowing that we will find him soon in the next David Cronenberg?

While in Paris on 28 April for the premiere of the film Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson has lingered on the red carpet and told us about how he selected his projects. Does he prefer the mainstream or independent films? The answer below in our exclusive video of Robert Pattinson. Also visit next Wednesday on the show # 135 for the rest of our interview.

I'm energized by your kind and sweet words, lovies. I'm hanging on.

More FanPics and Videos of Rob Inside the Theater- WFE Paris Premiere

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More Pics and Vids Under the CUT

Rob, Reese and Christoph's Interview with Gottschalk-Folge 20

source: WirLiebenKino Thanks to sissibell
I think this is new.
Starts at 2:40. Christoph's interview is in German at 7:43

New Pics of Rob at the WFE Paris Premiere

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Videos: Rob and Cast at the WFE Paris PressCon

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source | via YouTube RPLife

Rob on Le Grand Journal-Paris.


Cap 1 2. and the rest from ToR Link via RPLife

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New Interview with Rob and Cast at the WFE Paris Premiere

source Just the request for the kiss part. Nick on guard! lol

Thanks to Mandy of RPLife for the yt version.

Premiere.Fr player under the CUT

HQ Pics of Rob at the Plaza Athenee in Paris - April 29, 2011


More HQ pics under the CUT

New Pic of Rob, Christoph, Reese and Francis Lawrence From CherieFM's Interview

Click for bigger.

Monday morning Chérie FM will broadcast Frederick Ferrer's interview with the film crew "Water for Elephants" - Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz!

Source | via via

Details of Rob's WFE Paris Press Junket

Via ToR and RPLife

Robert Pattinson had several interviews today with French press. Rob’s interview for 50 Minutes Inside will be aired on Saturday, interview for Cheri FM Radio on Monday and NRJ radio on Tuesday.

LeRPattzClub reported yesterday that there would be an interview with Nikos Aliagas for his show 50 Minutes Inside. Here is some more info (translated via LeRPattzClub):

"Yesterday we told you that Robert Pattinson would be interviewed by Nikos Aliagas. You can get a glimpse Saturday night on the show Inside 50 minutes as Christophe Beaugrand covered the red carpet. One can expect a comical story of his part.

In addition, the interview with Nikos will air on Tuesday, May 3 NRJ between 8am and 9am. Namely, if we have the interview in full or not.

This morning, Nikos talked about his upcoming interview and said he cried like a baby during the movie. The interview took place at the Plaza Athenee. They smoked and talked of their birthday, Nikos was also born on May 13.

From (translated with google translate):  "The presenter Nikos Aliagas had the pleasure of meeting Robert Pattinson for a 40-minute interview that will air during his morning show on NRJ May 3. During this session, he came with his mother and appeared relaxed and humorous. also had the opportunity to meet the British star and you will very soon regaling interviews."

Video: Rob's Interview with Bravo - Berlin Press Junket

Bravo via RPLife

Sooo cute! 

Rob's Old/New AnOther Man Outtakes

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Pics and Vids of Rob Inside the Theater at the WFE Paris Premiere

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More fanpics and vids under the CUT

Kristen's Old/New 2009 Nylon Outtakes

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Second pic came out as a scan before. 

If you missed the previously released 2009 Nylon Outtakes-click here


Rob's Interview with WeltOnLine- German Press

Thanks to Anon for the heads up. Now updated with Better translation  by Julie at Pattinsonlife

WeltOnLine Robert Pattinson: " My life without Twilight begins now..."

Robert Pattinson about his circus movie 'Water for Elephants", the circus around his person and the nicest co-star.  He has been in Berlin before. At that time Robert Pattinson was 17 and "Everything was different". And he doesn't mean just the city. Back then he could walk the streets alone. Nowadays he promotes his new movie 'Water for Elephants' at the Hotel de Rome while thousands of Twilight fans compass the Bebelplatz.

Welt: When you woke up this morning, did you know in which city you are right now?
Rob: Honestly? I had no idea. And this happens to me quite often lately.

Welt: You're jetting around the world for a couple of years now. Do you actutally feel at home somewhere?
Rob: I don't even have a home right now. My parents cleared out my room in London, so I'm without a doss right now. I'll work on that. Hopefully.

Welt: If you had the choice, where would you like to wake up?
Rob: There's a cottage in the South of France, where I've been a couple of years ago. There was nothing in the area, I was all by myself. I'd like that.

Welt: You have a very execptional co-star in your new movie 'Water for Elephants'. How's it to work with a elephant?
Rob: It takes some of your self assurance away, no matter what kind of wild animal you're working with. Standing next to something this giant, makes you humble. On the other hand it seems like, that an elephant makes everyone happy. The whole crew became children again, trying to pet her all the time. Tai is a female elephant, she truly was the nices co star I've ever had. Kristen, forgive me.

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Rob in Ciak Magazine- Italy May 2011 Scans

Ciak Magazine- May 2011

Scans via robertpattinsonmoms Thanks Fiammy.

Watching the Royal Wedding coverage. Yay!