Details of Rob's WFE Paris Press Junket

Via ToR and RPLife

Robert Pattinson had several interviews today with French press. Rob’s interview for 50 Minutes Inside will be aired on Saturday, interview for Cheri FM Radio on Monday and NRJ radio on Tuesday.

LeRPattzClub reported yesterday that there would be an interview with Nikos Aliagas for his show 50 Minutes Inside. Here is some more info (translated via LeRPattzClub):

"Yesterday we told you that Robert Pattinson would be interviewed by Nikos Aliagas. You can get a glimpse Saturday night on the show Inside 50 minutes as Christophe Beaugrand covered the red carpet. One can expect a comical story of his part.

In addition, the interview with Nikos will air on Tuesday, May 3 NRJ between 8am and 9am. Namely, if we have the interview in full or not.

This morning, Nikos talked about his upcoming interview and said he cried like a baby during the movie. The interview took place at the Plaza Athenee. They smoked and talked of their birthday, Nikos was also born on May 13.

From (translated with google translate):  "The presenter Nikos Aliagas had the pleasure of meeting Robert Pattinson for a 40-minute interview that will air during his morning show on NRJ May 3. During this session, he came with his mother and appeared relaxed and humorous. also had the opportunity to meet the British star and you will very soon regaling interviews."