WFE Berlin Press Conference Videos

At 2:20 Rob talks about what he liked about the movie, the genre, working with wild animals and that he always wanted to have a dog. Working alongside Oscar winners didn't intimidate him, he's more scared of working with bad actors. Rob talked about his earlier experience of vacationing in Berlin when he was a teenager.  He also talked about doing his stunts in the movie.
At 7:25 Rob answers a question about what souvenir from Berlin will he give to Kristen. Sweet.
Rob: "I've been given this little bear thing...she can have that if she wants it."
I see you recycling gifts Rob lol, very Rachel Greene of you.

Parts 2,3 and 4 after the JUMP.

At 1:48 Rob says if he was a circus animal he would be this vegetarian bear.  He talked about fans waiting outside, camping out to see him and he mentioned that as a fan himself, he wanted to buy overpriced Tom Waits concert tickets. He was also asked what's his birthday plans are "I'm not a fan of birthdays"- no immediate plans since he's going to be working. At 9:14 he says he doesn't know any German words/phrases. He says "Wasser fur die Elefanten."

Q at 3:06 in English to Christoph and Francis: "How was the work with Robert Pattinson and can you explain the hype around him".
here the answer from Christoph at 4:22. Same of German. Sometimes people ask me: "Would you have expected it that Rob can play a different role?"
Christoph: "I have something against this question, honestly. Why not? Where does this assumption come from, that an actor who became world famous for one thing, only can do this one thing. Completely absurd. That was great! He is an actor, not like any other, but one of the rare species of those with which it is very pleasant, very productive and very constructive to work. Period." Thanks Andrea for translating this part.

At 1:54, he said he is not the type of person to breakup a marriage. Christoph says" There's no woman he couldn't have." lol At 3:22 I love how Francis Lawrence  praises Rob, same as Christoph's answer above (translated). At 5:42  Rob gets asked about his music.

At 2:40 Rob explains Reese's 'disappointing' comments about their love scenes. "She just got married." lol.
Funniest experience, Tai was potty-trained. He had a fun time shooting the scene where he got drunk and was made fun by the coochie girls. At 5:51 he was asked where was Bear. "He's in LA.

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