Special Message - Sticky Post

My dear readers...
I'm sure you have noticed today that most of the pictures on the blog are missing. I just received a notice from Photobucket that they banned my major account (I have 2 accounts with them) specifically because of some 'Breaking Dawn' set photos. Nope, not the leaked pics- since I NEVER posted them . If you will remember the fan pictures of Rob filming 'Breaking Dawn' in the snowy mountains in late February? Yep, those set of fan photos sold to Popsugar. I don't know if I can have my account with them back, most likely no. I have been using Photobucket ever since I started my blog and most of my media are stored in their server- this means 98% of the work I have done since I started August 2009. I'm sure you also noticed that I recently have been using Imagebam and this was brought on because Photobucket was having problems with their server  more than a week ago- which now I think was a good thing since I got a head start of 'weaning my images'  from Photobucket.

The blog will be on a slowdown with the photos until I sort this out.  I will definitely not be able to repost everything from day 1, so I will be doing this on a forward basis...if I want to go on and continue blogging. I am rethinking and assessing the situation guys. It has been truly exhausting for me for the past weeks - don't get me wrong I love what I do but maybe its time to slow down and fangirl for a while. Please bear with me while I decide on major changes. Thank you.

Much love (and with a heavy heart), 
Thanks for all the love guys, I really appreciate it a lot. *crying* I'm taking baby steps.
I'm still updating the blog- please check for updates below. 

I decide to continue on-  I may take a breather or two, so expect a slight slowdown- but I'm not going anywhere. Love you guys. See, I'm still posting- its my autopilot. I will just leave this post for a while to explain why I have zero photo archives- the blog's entire photo collection wiped out.