Rob Kept Jacob Jankowski's Leather Jacket

Photobucket MTVHollywoodCrush  Costume designer Jacqueline West revealed that Rob and Reese and even Christoph kept some of their WFE gear.

"Reese, because we had multiples in most of hers, she kept the dresses, and I think one of each of her performance costumes," Jacqueline said, prompting us to wonder where Reese could possibly wear some of the circus outfits (Oscars red carpet?).

Of course, Rob didn't go home empty-handed either. "I think Rob kept his leather jacket that he jumps off the train in," she said, adding that co-star Christoph Waltz also likely kept a top hat he wore in the film because he "loved it so much."

Yet, even with Reese, Rob and Christoph holding on to some of the pieces, there's still a lot left over. Jacqueline, who said that she kept some of the remaining items for a costume exhibit, explained that mostly everything else gets archived with the movie studio. "If the movie is considered a costume movie, and it's a hit, they put them on display for studio tours and stuff," she said.

via H2OforElephants

Rob already mentioned this during his  interview with Extra