Fan Pics and Vids of Rob from the Cosmopolis Set- May 31st

Fan Pictures in HQ

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"OMG I just got an autograph and picture with Rob!!!!!! nicest man ever!!!! he only had time for one group picture...he was so sweet!!

I asked Rob if he was going to the MTV movie awards and he said " I think so, yeah" so keep voting everyone!!

Dean said he didn't have time for photos, but Rob said he had time for one! SO SWEET!! So we took a group picture! I live a few blocks from the filming location! and there were only about 8 of us there. we apologized for bothering him and he kept saying "no problem, it's okay". he is soooo nice and really skinny! but not as tall as i thought he would be."

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New Pics of Rob on the Set of Cosmopolis- May 31

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New/Old Pic of Rob with Mitt Romney

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It's from March 2010 when Rob was on "The View" to promote "Remember Me"

More FanPics of Rob from the Cosmopolis Set - May 29th


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A few HQ pictures from May 29th via Pattinsonlife


Jack Whitehall talks about Rob on Ellen

At 2:45


Sorry guys I have very limited internet access and I'm having a hard time uploading photos. I will try again uploading them anytime today. lol Please bear with me. Thanks guys.

FanPics of Rob from the WFE Premieres in London and Barcelona

Pictures from the London Premiere - LoveStewy/Via

More fanpics from the London and Barcelona Premieres under the CUT

Video of Rob at the WFE Barcelona PressCon

TodoTwilightSaga "Robert posing for a Spanish magazine and signing some autographs for the WFE press conference in Barcelona. Little short but Rob is super mega ultra adorable."

More Pictures of Rob from the Cosmopolis Set- May 30. HQs and FanPics

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More pics of Rob on set May 30th HERE

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"My friend and I waited almost 5 hours but it paid off! Caitlin was very nice and she gave us bottles of water because it was so hot outside. David was also very nice and took pictures with us. Rob was going in and out of his trailer to set but after they wrapped shooting, there were only about 6 of us and Rob agreed to come out and sign autographs but no pictures. He was very sweet and so beautiful in real life! Both Rob and David said filming was going really well... day 4 of a 40 day shoot."