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He talks about his fame, Reese and Christoph, love in general, love scenes, the curse to be a sex symbol, to be in the same category as Justin Bieber xD, playing 'Fall Down' on his iPhone, Bear and Cosmopolis. - Probably the same press junket interview we read a million times already.

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+ He's wearing a grey grandpa cardigan and a fitted, striped t-shirt.
+ His Twilight muscles are gone (He suddenly stopped training after shooting Eclipse)
+ The hype around the cast is flattering but also awkward.
+ There's a moment people start to recognize you as a male, maybe it's my turn now.
+ I'm afraid of the freeways in L.A.
+ I'm addicted to pretzels and M&M's right now.
+ I own 100 pairs of black pants, worn out Doc Martens and something from a second hand store.
+ What makes him happy? Work. And I still love to make music. But I can only concentrate on one thing: music or movie.
+ Water for Elephants was the first job where I didn't go back to my trailer during scenes. I've spent my time nonstop on set. It was like working with babies.
+ About Bear. I've something to take care of now. I don't have to think about what to do when I'm not working. I have a responsibility.
+ I don't have a lot to give up. I'd never sacrifice my family. However I'd ditch my luggage in the hotel to escape with HER [his love].
+ Possesions don't mean much to me. But photographs do.
+ I've deleted all my photos and texts that I've had since Twilight by accident. And all I wanted to do was synch my iPhone. I'm a technical loser.

TZ Newspaper Interview

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I am not a romantic person 
In his private life he seems to go easy on love.
When asked about his relationship with Kristen Stewart, Rob said to tz-Hollywood correspondent Dierk Sindermann:
"I like being in love." Does this prove all the rumors about the break-up with Kristen Stewart? Rob confirms: "At the moment I'm busy promoting my new movie Water For Elephants"

So you have no time for romance?
Robert Pattinson: In general I'm not a romantic person. When I was 14, I put a flower on the chair of a classmate. She thought it was from someone else. (laughs) I decided that that was the end of me with being romantic.

There is a 'supposed' Kristen mention in this interview. lol Grain of salt, guys. This def looks like lots of old and some new interviews, put together.  More under the CUT.

Let's try it with reality. What's the ideal quality you look for in a woman?
Robert Pattinson: Her sense for independence. In a relationship you risk to blend personalities.
Most of the time it's the kiss of death.

Talking about kisses. There had been a celebrity auction, where a kiss from you has been auctioned. For 20-thousand dollars...
Robert Pattinson: I've never seen any of this money. It was for a good cause.

So for what are you engaged with (what cause do you support)?
Robert Pattinson: I was involved with the World Wildlife Fund, for protecting tigers. They're endangered animals.

Sorry Rob, but Leonardo di Caprio was first.
Robert Pattinson: Oh really?.. what really is in my heart, is the importance of children to get an education. I would like to join an organization that motivates kids to read books.

Do you have any time for this? Water for Elephants is in cinemas and you're shooting the big final of the Twilight-Saga. Two parts at once.
Robert Pattinson: It feels like I have been a vampire my whole life time. I can't wait to get rid of the make up
and finally to get rid of these bloody contact lenses.

How was it for a change to work with circus animals?
Robert Pattinson: Great. Finally no egos on set. Not even by the biggest star. 

Reese Witherspoon?
Robert Pattinson: No, Rosie, the elephant.

How did you win her heart?
Robert Pattinson: With a lot of Jelly Beans.

Who do you understand better? The elephant or your admirers?
Robert Pattinson: The elephant. Absolutely. Cause there's logic in their game. If you give her her favorite food, she does tricks.. (laughs) I haven't figured out how this works with my fans.

Maybe you should've become a vetenerian instead of playing as one in a movie?
Robert Pattinson: That would not be for me. As a veterinarian you have to keep the suffering of animals in perspective. I can't do this. My heart is bleeding. I'm one of these guys who'd adopt a whole animal shelter.

Who keeps you from doing it?
Robert Pattinson: Thank God that Kristen was with me. So we just adopted one dog. A mutt. We called him bear.

If you could be an animal, which would it be?
Robert Pattinson: Maybe a rat. Sometimes I feel like one (grins). No seriously, I want to be a dog. It matches my lifestyle. If I didn't have to stand daily in front of the cameras for 16 or 17 hours, then I would hang around, watch TV and do nothing.

Do you think that the Twilight hype will stop after Breaking Dawn?
Robert Pattinson: All the chitchat surrounding me, has something to do with Twilight. And that's why it will end after this, hopefully. Because I have a boring life.

You won't have any withdrawal symptoms when the girls stop stalking and following you?
Robert Pattinson: Their love don't belong to me, but rather to a fictional character. And this confusion goes for all ages. Not long ago a woman followed me in the airport with her autograph pad.  She stuck to her guns. "Robert I love you" "Robert I love you for real" "Robert you have no idea of how much I love you" I asked her "How old are you" Her answer "92"

Not funny?
Robert Pattinson: Really. But the 12 year-olds say the same.

How do you assure your girlfriend that she doesn't have to be jealous of all the admirers?Robert Pattinson: By not sleeping with them. Oh god, that sounded horrible!