Pic of Rob with Fan. At Johnny Flynn's Gig in Toronto - May 26th

ETA:Added fanpic from last night.
 Flintstones1973 "Me with Robert Pattinson @ the Johnny Flynn gig in Toronto. "

jeremyfetzer "Robert Pattinson bought us beer tonight and gave me doggie treats for layla Lou! Nice guy!"#iliketwilightnow

TheCaitlinRose "dressing room chat: "You look like Robert Pattinson... Oh shit you are Robert Pattinson." seriously.

via DrownInIt

Jeremy and Caitlin, both musicians were at Johnny Flynn's show last night in Toronto. Johnny as you know is Rob's friend, member of the tight, Brit Pack. More info about his music at www.johnny-flynn.com
And a lucky fan was able to meet Rob. Please take note that these tweets were over 5 hours ago.

Donna/@dkatch40 @tinkrbe1l3 @RobStenation Just met him over an hour ago....he is beautiful and gracious and I love him ever more.
@jeremyfetzer we gave those doggie treats to Rob for Bear but we're still happy that a doggie is going to enjoy them. Great show by the way!
@tinkrbe1l3 he really is breathtakingly beautiful. He was clean shaven and had his beanie on...*swoon*...love Beanie Rob..