First 'On The Road' Teaser Poster

Updated again May 21, 2011 As per@charlegillibert -OTR Producer. The poster is not a fake but its only for Cannes.

@maxiekat it is not a fake. Me too i really like it.. @xcarolis just for cannes !.

Updated! May 19, 2011 There are reports that this teaser poster may be bogus after all. Read here at MRHEDLUND for details via RKDaily

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#Cannes2011: First poster for the adaptation of 'On the Road' by Walter Salles, the premises of Cannes Mk2.

More of 'On the Road' at Cannes 2011.
'On The Road' producer Charles Gilbert charlegillibert "ON THE ROAD 6 mtes trailer screening I cannes, 1rst time I see a full room of Buyers applauding at the end ! Emotion !!"

source ontheroadfilm