Rumor: Kristen Might Be W Mag's Cover Girl This September?


Please be true. Oh please make this happen. According to Kristen might be in the Sept cover of W magazine.

"As a party favor, our source also told us they had a good feeling Kristen Stewart would be on the September cover of W magazine. It’s timed perfectly for the November release of the next Twilight movie, and it’ll be a great opportunity for Stewart to make up for that awkward Vogue cover she did a few months back."

via KStewAngel

Thanks to kstewartfans POTD and kstewartfan for this beautiful 2007 Elle outtake.

Kristen's Vogue cover awkward? I don't think so. I can only remember one Vogue outtake that was kinda awkward because they enhanced(?) the photo way too much.