Michael Sheen Reads Fan Fiction


Not really off topic since Michael Sheen is reading an Edward and Bella fan fiction. lol And he is Aro for goodness' sake. Mr. Sheen reads Savage7289′s Unexpected Circumstances while on VH1's Big Morning Buzz promoting Midnight in Paris.

Aro is king! Edward is a knight! A temperamental, hunky knight. ON A HORSE. Isabella is a serf-turned-wife of Edward. via

My dear wish is that Rob and Kristen would also read an Edward and Bella fan fiction during 'Breaking Dawn' promo. Maybe a mild one-shot, not that smutty. lol and I hinted this to @joshuahorowitz earlier on Twitter. He can go on with a hundred MTV Rough Cuts with this and I won't complain. Can you picture Rob blushing and Kristen bitchfacing...or maybe giggling during their reading? haha

By the way, my twattie pal SuzyQSparkles writes funny convos, fiction of course, (duh!) between our beloved R/K and  I'm such a fan. Her version of our lovebirds is so funny and I believe so "very R/K". Catch some laughs at her Tumblr page RamblingRobsten I know you'll love it!