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New Fan Pics of Kristen Signing Autographs at the Eclipse NYC Premiere


The Lovely Kristen as Tracy Tatro. Into The Wild Screencaps

Can you imagine Rob seeing this beauty on his TV or movie screen for the first time? 
I think he got pretty obsessed with the innocent and sexy Tracy Tatro before anything else... 
How can you not fall for this fresh- faced teen? Oh, love those freckles. 
And of course, we all know this scene definitely sealed the deal. lol
He had to fly his arse to audition for that American-indie vampire film. And yep, the rest is sweet RobSten history. Happy sighs.

More sezy Kristen as Tracy caps after the CUT.
By the way, Into the Wild, is one of my fave movies. Amazing direction by Sean Penn and flawless raw acting by all the cast. Of course, the story of Christopher McCandless is truly  inspirational. 

Breaking Dawn Update: Meet The Denali Coven

As confirmed by Summit @Twilight Meet the Denali Coven! Eleazar (Christian Camargo), Kate (Casey LaBow), Carmen (Mia Maestro), Tanya (MyAnna Buring) and Irina (Maggie Grace)

The Hollywood Reporter Twihards, take note: The vampire coven known as the Denali clan has been cast for Summit’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” which is being adapted into two movies to be directed by Bill Condon.

MyAnna Buring -- the star of “The Descent” who had her own coven in “Lesbian Vampire Killers” -- Mia Maestro and Casey LaBow are the female members of the undead family. Christian Camargo is the patriarch.

Buring and LaBow will join the recently cast Maggie Grace as a trio of Russian vampire sisters of the Denali coven. Buring is playing Tanya, a rival to Kristen Stewart’s Bella for the attention of Edward (Rob Pattinson), while LaBow will play Kate, who has the ability to produce an electric current that can shock opponents. (Grace is playing villainous Irina.)

Maestro portrays Carmen and Camargo is Eleazar, the two Spanish heads of the coven, which in the “Twilight” universe is the only other non-human-feeding vampire clan besides the the Cullen clan.

A November start is being prepped.  The first of the “Breaking Dawn” movies is slated to be released in theaters Nov. 18, 2011, with the second one coming Nov. 16, 2012.

Buring, repped by Ken McReddie Associates and Elevate Entertainment, also appeared in Neil Marshall’s “Doomsday” and was featured in Edgar Wright’s fake trailer “Don’t,” which was part of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s film “Grindhouse.”
Maestro, repped by ICM and Tavistock Wood Management, is best known for her work on “Alias.”

LaBow, who has appeared in “CSI: NY” and an episode of the short-lived vampire TV show “Moonlight,” is repped by IFA Talent.
Camargo, repped by Innovative Artists, may be best known for playing a serial killer on Showtime’s “Dexter.”

Gossip_Cop confirmed this as well.

Rob and Kristen Picspam - Modern Art

Great photographs. Amazing captures of light and dark.
Rob and Kristen. Perfect subjects - Art in photography.

Flashback Post: Rob, Kristen, and Catherine's Empire Interview for Twilight

Rob and Kristen clearly bonded over Rob's passion for Van Morrison.
The way Kristen said The Beatles, def with a Brit accent. Love to hear her do that. Much so now. lol

Catherine talks about Rob and Kristen's chemistry at 2:00


RobSten FanVid; What Happens Next?

Vid by Manucabp At 2:00 that secret Vancouver kiss. I love that clip. Win! Sweet RobSten.

Gorgeous Kristen Screencaps - In The Land of Women

Or you can download the rest at twilightmb.proboards. Thanks to DizzyMissLizzie