RobSten in NOLA: A First Hand Account?

Don't shoot the messenger!  It's so easy to doubt so-called first hand accounts like this especially from this source but who knows maybe its true after all.  It's really cute, if its true. If you're doubtful, take a deep breath and take it all in as a good-to-know and reserve your snark. It's always good practice to be mature about things. lol

ll has been quiet on the Robsten front over the past couple months. That's because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have spent little time together, both busy with new movies and new projects.

But despite ridiculous tabloid headlines, the couple is doing just fine. In fact, Rob recently visited Kristen on the set of On the Road in New Orleans. Someone working on that movie recounted his visit to Perez Hilton:

"He was very professional while she was filming. He obviously knows the process. Everyone on the crew loved him. He was chatty, mostly talking about sports, London and getting ready for the next Twilight film. He couldn’t stop staying how happy he was to have some time off and how relaxed he felt!
Rob and Kristen would hang out on-set more times than not, but they also spent time in her trailer. There was no real canoodling or PDA’ing, but it was obvious they were together, a couple.
At the end of each of the three days, she and Rob would leave together. Because there were quick turnarounds for the day everyone just assumed they went straight home. They would return together to the set in the mornings."

source KillerCortez/ KStewartResource / kstewartfans