Thank You Very Much, RPLife!

This may be the saddest day ever since I started blogging. Along the way I have met a few wonderful people in this fandom and one of them is Mandy of RPLife/BrandNewLuv of PattinsonLife. If you're a true Rob fan, there is no way that you will not know her blog, Robert Pattinson Life. It is the best Rob site around, not only did she gave us the best photos, best exclusives, the freshest news, and all the latest Rob related stuff she could gather, but most importantly her blog is very respectful to Kristen, which is rare for a 'Rob' site.

And today, she has pulled the plug. I dare not elaborate on the reason to why she ended up with this decision, because it has already been made.  I will just  try hard to end this on a happier note. God knows this is so hard. 'Missing RPLife' is so much an understatement, when it has become a part of my life for two years. It's like a part of me is leaving, too.

Thank you so much for all the hard work, sacrifice, and the love you showed to all your followers bb. You are indeed a true fan because you share.  Thank you also for the friendship.  You are too awesome for words.  Love you so much Mandy! And I'll see you around. Can't wait to fangirl with you again.

I'll miss your twitter icon, bb. Nobody should be allowed to use this pic as their avi anymore. 
We're retiring this for RPLife. lol. Oh good, I'm laughing again. Hugs you forever! 
Love, S.

Sally/Gemamisas prepared a sweet vid for Mandy. You are so loved bb!