Video Flashback: Rob and Kristen's Twilight Interview with Fuse, La Boite, Le Grande, and Rome Press Junket

Part 2. More flashback vids during Twi-promo Part 1 here

Fuse Interview
This is really a fun interview. Tay is 16, "he can drive" - lol
And Rob's obsession with Van Morrison and R/K's "weird" (but the same) taste in music.

La Boite a Questions - Canal + Fr Interview
I swear I can watch this video all day. So cute!
If they we're asked this question in November 2009...
"What do you absolutely want to do while in Paris?"
Their answer will definitely be "Hold hands." - lmao

Le Grand Journal. They bonded well in this TV appearance in between struggling with the translation and them making googly eyes with each other.

Rome Film Festival Press Junket. They way they touch their hair in this interview. Gah!