The Lovely Kristen as Tracy Tatro. Into The Wild Screencaps

Can you imagine Rob seeing this beauty on his TV or movie screen for the first time? 
I think he got pretty obsessed with the innocent and sexy Tracy Tatro before anything else... 
How can you not fall for this fresh- faced teen? Oh, love those freckles. 
And of course, we all know this scene definitely sealed the deal. lol
He had to fly his arse to audition for that American-indie vampire film. And yep, the rest is sweet RobSten history. Happy sighs.

More sezy Kristen as Tracy caps after the CUT.
By the way, Into the Wild, is one of my fave movies. Amazing direction by Sean Penn and flawless raw acting by all the cast. Of course, the story of Christopher McCandless is truly  inspirational.