New Pics of Rob in London - September 18, 2010

Added new pics from last night.

Fan encounter  via Lynn is the admin of Facebook group "Robert Pattinson...It's always been him"

"I'm still on an adrenaline high. Rob was so lovely in person, very softly spoken and polite.  I said I was really looking forward to Bel Ami coming out and wondered when it would be released....he said "I too". Later that evening he was outside having a cigarette and I was outside too, a couple of other fans were getting pics so I asked if he wouldn't mind me having a pic and he was happy to oblige, he said "sure". I said you must get really fed up of people asking you for pics and that I was sorry to ask and said he didn't mind, it was okay and he meant it. When we went back in to the church for the rest of the gig I was at the back buying a Marcus Foster CD then the gig started and someone had pinched our seats so we stood at the back and Rob, TomStu and Marcus Foster stood literally right in front of us I could have touched him without even stretching. His hair is growing back nicely and his beard is really quite long now. He looked as if he'd lost a little weight but still looked gorgeous. As he walked away after about 1/2 hour to go outside for a cigarette, a fan letter to Kristen fell out of his pocket. He didn't see it fall so I picked it up and touched his arm to get his attention to give it back to him. I said "you dropped this"....he didn't hear me because the music was loud so he said "sorry?" so I had to get up close to say it to him again. I passed him the letter and he said "thanks".

At Marcus Foster's gig - September 18, 2010.Enhanced by @_Becca25 and tinkrebe1l3 Click to enlarge!

Pic by paksiree/ppompam
Apparently she asked Rob to hand Kristen her fan letter. "be4 Rob left us I asked him 1 more time Dont forget 2 give the letter to Kristen , He said " Okay, I will " "Yes, Tom and his GF, Nettie quite have their bubble ,touching, sweet ;)"

Obviously, Kristen wasn't there. Tom Sturridge and Laura Marling were also spotted.

via @SheevaC About 5 or 6 fans took picture with Rob last night. TomStu was with his girlfriend last night. When she/Pom asked Rob to give Kristen her letter, his eyes widened and said, "Kristen?"