Edward Cullen - Most Profitable Film Character of 2010

A global survey conducted by Brand Licensing Europe 2010 (Europe’s premier licensing trade exhibition) has revealed that Edward Cullen is the most profitable licensed film character of 2010.

Some 32% of the licensing professionals felt that Twilight vampire Edward Cullen, played by British actor Robert Pattinson, was the most profitable film character of 2010

source/ kstewrobfans/ gossip_dance

That only means Rob's face makes the moolah go around! Yep, he and Kristen can launch a thousand products but aside from their licensed images as Edward and Bella I don't see them brandishing their gorgeous faces anywhere else. I mean it, no perfumes, cosmetic lines, apparel with their name attached on them. I just don't see it (not yet anyway).  Like we have agreed earlier on, they are not your typical Hollywood-types. In the future perhaps... lol

I would love to see Kristen as the new face of Chanel though, a brand she loves so much.