Sweet Edward and Bella Caps - Prom Scene

This is just a random post. 
I'm missing Rob and Kristen big time and just because I love the prom scene so much! 
Lemme dedicate this post to GaelleLovesMax . Happy birthday sweets!

Aww, their intertwined hands. I'm sure Rob was having a blast during this scene.

Rob's hands around Kristen's teeny tiny waist.

And this downcast glance, its so Rob than Edward. 

More R/K whispers, I mean Edward and Bella. haha

And he carries her again. 

His hand on her neck, brushing her hair. haha . Too much fanfics. I know. 

And he breathes on her neck

Oh this kiss. Jelly knees huh? Kristen... lol

More kisses. 
I swear after this post, you're all gonna  be watching your DVDs again. haha. 

More heavenly Bella and Edward/prom scene caps after the CUT