Rob and Kristen in PopSugar's Most Memorable Photos of 2010

PopSugar's Best Celebrity Photos of 2010

#5. Shoes-Free Exit
Kristen Stewart looked stunning in Oscar de la Renta arriving at the Vanity Fair Oscars party after presenting during the show on Mar. 8, though she gave her feet a rest and was barefoot when she slipped out to her awaiting car at the end of the long night.

#27. Chasing Waterfalls
We just about died seeing these pictures of shirtless Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a hot white bikini filming a waterfall scene for Breaking Dawn in Brazil in mid-November.

Old/New Rob Pic


Pic is undated.

Rob and Kristen are Hollywood News' 'Hot Male and Female Stars of the Year'

HollywoodNews - Kristen Stewart
But in 2010, Kristen Stewart made great strides in convincing Hollywood she was capable of playing other roles outside of Stephenie Meyer’s vampires-and-werewolves franchise.

Like punk-rock pioneer Joan Jett in “The Runaways.” Or a wayward prostitute seeking emotional connections in “Welcome to the Rileys.”

Of course, those who have been paying attention know that Stewart holds tremendous promise for a post-“Twilight” career. She earned raves for her work in “Adventureland” and “Into the Wild.” She’s been doing excellent work since “The Safety of Objects” and “Panic Room.”
But it was “Twilight” that put her on the map … and in the tabloids’ crosshairs. And it is there where she is likely to stay until the second “Breaking Dawn” comes out in 2012. Until then, Stewart will continue to burn up Hollywood’s headlines as gossip hounds seek any morsel of information regarding her personal life or relationship with “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson.

Is there any doubt, then, that Kristen Stewart would be named our “Hollywood Hot Female Movie Star of the Year” for 2010? Keep it coming, Kristen. We’re eagerly awaiting your next move.

HollywoodNews - Robert Pattinson From vampire to veterinarian, perhaps? He’ll certainly try to make that leap with next year’s adaptation of “Water for Elephants.” It’s just another step in what the actor hopes will be a lengthy Hollywood career.

Pattinson was hoping more audience members would remember him in “Remember Me,” a romantic drama he released in 2010. But it was his role as undead Edward Cullen in the second “Twilight” installment – “Eclipse” – that continued to cement his status as one of the hottest celebrities working in Hollywood today.

And while Pattinson will look to continue expanding his body of work beyond Stephenie Meyer’s beloved vampire-and-werewolves series, fans won’t let him stray too far just yet. Pattinson’s on the hook for two “Breaking Dawn” films, directed by Bill Condon. The first is due in theaters on Nov. 18, 2011.

Pattinson was hoping more audience members would remember him in “Remember Me,” a romantic drama he released in 2010. But it was his role as undead Edward Cullen in the second “Twilight” installment – “Eclipse” – that continued to cement his status as one of the hottest celebrities working in Hollywood today.

And while Pattinson will look to continue expanding his body of work beyond Stephenie Meyer’s beloved vampire-and-werewolves series, fans won’t let him stray too far just yet. Pattinson’s on the hook for two “Breaking Dawn” films, directed by Bill Condon. The first is due in theaters on Nov. 18, 2011.

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True Blood's James Frain Talks About Rob and WFE. No Sharing of Vampire Tips on WFE Set

UK Press Association True Blood star James Frain has revealed he regrets not getting any "vampire tips" from Robert Pattinson on the set of Water For Elephants.
Robert is known for his role as vampire Edward Cullen in hit franchise Twilight, and fellow Brit James takes on the role of a vampire in the forthcoming third series of True Blood.
But James said he and Robert did not talk about vampires while on the set of their film, which also stars Reese Witherspoon.

He said: "My scenes were with Robert Pattinson but I'm sorry to say we didn't swap vampire stories. I wish we had.
"People can't believe there's going to be a scene in the movie with a Twilight vampire talking to a True Blood vampire and that we didn't spend our time chatting about that, but I'm afraid not. I wish I'd got vampire tips from him, I wish I'd gone 'Oi, Bob mate, any tips?'."

But James was full of praise for Robert, saying: "He's sweet, quite shy, just a really good guy."
Water For Elephants, which is based on a book about a travelling circus, is due out in April 2011.

Frain plays Rosie's caretaker as per his IMDb page

2011 Predictions for Rob and Kristen - OK! Mag Philippines

OK! Magazine - Philippines. Celebrity 2011 Predictions

Thanks @vonch for the scan

Rumor: Rob To Make a Guest Appearance at an IOW New Year Countdown Event?

Updated info -FB source answered a question pertaining to Rob and Kristen's invitation to the Isle of Wight New Year Countdown event and he replied,  "Both are invited."

 via Special thanks to my sweetie pie @vonch for the additional info.

Possible New Release Date for Bel Ami in the US - May 12, 2011

from E!OnLineLatino, translated with Google Translate

"The playboy of the Twilight series promises to continue making love to his fans around the world with his new film Bel Ami.

The film tells the story of Georges Duroy (played by Robert Pattinson), a soldier of the French army in Algeria who arrives in Paris without wanting to work in the slightest. Bel Ami (and will be dubbed by successive lovers) has not been blessed with the gift of intelligence or culture, but is physically attractive, so naturally captures the attention of all women will get ahead.

Besides Pattinson,  Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman star in the film, and will be released on May 12th in the U.S."

pattinsonlife RPLife
Tagging this as gossip until we get official word from the distributors.

Rob and Rosie - Full Pic From Entertainment Weekly


LeRpattz spunk_ransom

If you missed the other WFE stills from People/Bravo  Mag CLICK HERE and EW First Look + CloseUps

Old/New Images of Rob and Kristen

via via via  This cute image is actually an HQ cap from a New Moon DVD BTS Clip Watch here at 0:24

New to me. Source says pic was ca. 2007.
source via pattinsonladies

Possible Sighting: Rob and Kristen in Isle of Wight Part2?

Updated! Entry from VentnorBlog via cupidscloud
"This time last year VentnorBlog were the first to report the story that then went worldwide, when Hollywood stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were spotted holidaying in Ventnor.

Well, according to reports on Facebook, it appears that the love-birds might just be back on the Isle of Wight once again. Earlier this evening ‘Robsten’ as they’re more lovingly known by fans, were apparently spotted on the Isle of Wight Hovercraft travelling across the Solent.

Upon arrival, it’s reported they ran across the footbridge and popped into the Hong Kong Express on the Esplanade. We gave HKE a call, but they had no idea who the couple were so weren’t able to deny or confirm the rumour.
Hopefully Robert and Kristen will be left alone to enjoy the delights of the Island, without being hounded by paparazzi desperate for a cheap shot."

More tweets "apparently they got a chinese from hong kong express together :)" Hongkong Express is a restaurant in the Isle of Wight, there are 2 outlets, in Newport and Ryde.

Facebook screencap of the Isle of Wight sightings.
"Kristen just said sorry for bumping into my sister. Starstruck"
"They got off and ran over the foot bridge with loads of other people that were with them, it was intimidating."

source/ source

If its all true...well, its not really that surprising. lol
They already have their New Year tradition. Cute.
Apparently there are papz in IOW, pics might be coming in...

Rob #7 and Kristen #10 in USA Today's Heat Index for 2010

USA Today A review of the Heat Index, which measures media exposure, shows that the leading 2010 newsmakers in celebrity news magazines and on websites remain Hollywood A-listers, except for a few reality TV personalities.

Celebrity Heat Index : Top 10 stars for 2010

7. Robert Pattinson 2,064 He has spent 2010 working hard on film projects and dodging interest in his relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

10. Kristen Stewart 1,761 The actress has supposedly become engaged, wed and been impregnated by her Twilight co-star and rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Have the tabloids confused facts with fiction?

Old/New Pics of Rob and Kristen - 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Portraits

Click to enlarge! Gotta love that attitude, its working double time. lol
Kristen's portrait was from her guesting stint in March 2009, Rob's from November 2009. 
source /source via

Rob is E!On Line's Celeb of the Year

EOnLine' Celeb of the Year: Robert Pattinson

The race was close right up to the end, but ultimately Pattinson's 6,430 votes (51.5 percent) won out over Stewart's 6,063 votes (48.5 percent). Could this be considered an upset?

While both actors shared in the success of this summer's third Twilight installment, Eclipse, which brought in more than $300 million at the box office, it seemed Stewart had the more noteworthy year, career-wise. Her two other films, The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys, both earned the actress solid critical and audience acclaim, further establishing her as more than just Bella Swan. Pattinson's other film, Remember Me, on the other hand...Well, critics and audiences had other thoughts on that one.

But the people have spoken and here's to the winner and everyone else who fought for the top spot! (Keep it up, Betty White!) Better luck in 2011.

1. Kristen Stewart
Not only did she share in the huge success of Eclipse, the third Twilight installment, which brought in more than $300 million at the box office, she effectively broke out of her role as Bella Swan with two other well-received flicks. Stewart's appearances in Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways were both praised by critics and audiences and earned her the runner-up spot in our Celeb of the Year tournament.

At least that's over. lol Congratulations to both Rob and Kristen!  They both deserve to be at #1!

E!News Talks about Rob and 'Water for Elephants'

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Kristen on E! News 'Hottest Fashionistas of 2010'

Thanks 500DaysofRK Around 1:10

Bette Midler Is 'Enchanted' by Rob and Kristen's Romance

The Divine Miss M speaks "Sometimes I look at the romance and I'm enchanted by it. She looks like a female Elvis, and he looks a little like Elvis, too."
epnebelle via cupidscloud

Lurve her!

Kristen Wins NextMovie's Best Multiple-Movie Performance. Plus Best Couple for Bella and Edward

NextMovie's Best Multiple-Movie Performance - Female
FTW: Kristen Stewart, “Eclipse,” “The Runaways” and “Welcome to the Rileys”
Newsflash to the world: Kristen Stewart is not just Bella anymore. Sure, that’s something that most Twi-Hards actually knew already, but the rest of the universe seemed to have missed the memo. Until this year, that is, when K-Stew blew away audiences and critics in the indie rock epic “The Runaways” and the intense family drama “Welcome to the Rileys.” Add yet another appearance as Bella and you have the makings of an actress that is going to be with us for decades to come — sparkly vampires or not.
#Runner-up: Mia Wasikowska, “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Kids Are All Right”

FTW: Best Couple
Bella and Edward
We know what half of you are thinking; finally, someone agrees with us and recognizes that Edward and Bella are fated to be together. And we also know what the other half of you are thinking: nooooo, she belongs with Jacob! Whichever way your jib is cut, though, you’ve got to admit that the heroes of both Team Jacob and Team Edward continue to set the bar for on-screen chemistry with their lady love. Now if only we can convince the producers of “The Twilight Saga” to include Team Coco in the next movie…
#Runner-up: Bella and Jacob

I see you like Kristen's old Twiportrait that I used here, well here's a bunch with Rob's, too 

Possible Sighting: Rob and Kristen Doing Press in London?

Updated! More tweets from  @markmeets/Mark Boardman

@markmeets Both are here, Robert is with his family and Kristen is on holiday though expected to do some mag interviews, b4 back in US next wk.

@markmeets via RPattzBaby
Mark Boardman works in the entertainment field, London scene.

Maybe he knows something we don't. Let's hope for more developments. 
It's also possible that he saw R/K and assumed its 'official press business' for the TwiSaga but the fandom knows better- lol
Its also possible that Rob is doing/will be doing some press for WFE and Kristen tagged along. Oh man, the possibilities are endless. 

New WFE Still - Scan from Entertainment Weekly in HQ

in HQ

I just cropped these lovely closeups. Click to enlarge

Full page EW scan

stewtothewood via pattinsonlife

New 'Water for Elephants' Trailer in HD + Selected HQ Caps December 29, 2010

ETA: Now in HD or watch here via RPLife


HD from popsugar

Song of the trailer is Barcelona - Please Don't Go

source RPLife

Selected Caps via RPLife More HQ caps and and gifs  on their site. Thanks Mandy!

More caps under the CUT

Rob and Kristen in MTV's List of 5 Other Celeb Couples Who Should Put a Ring on It

MTV Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth. Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Ginnifer Goodwin and Joey Kurn. Even Hugh Hefner got engaged over Christmas weekend. We appreciate all this love in the air after that depressing streak of splits, but we didn't know Hollywood was so affected by the holiday spirit!

Let's keep this passion alive! More and more celebs are looking to make their way down the aisle with each passing day, so we've compiled our wish list of Hollywood couples we hope pop the question after the jump. Who knows, maybe one of our wishes will come true?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Did you really think we'd leave these two off our list? Rob and Kristen's whole relationship has been a big case of life imitating art, and, well, Bella and Edward get married in "Breaking Dawn." Enough said.

lol at MTV shipping Rob and Kristen. Me likey!

Rob is PopSugar's Sexiest Man of the Year

PopSugar The playing field wasn't quite as even for sexiest male, as Robert Pattinson easily earned another win. His closest competition was Alexander Skarsgard.

Delish in black and white 

New WFE Pics - HQ People Magazine Scans

Updated! Stills cropped, detagged and enhanced le rpattz via spunk_ransom

Bravo Mag Scan

Love Match Pattinson instantly bonded with Tai, the Indian elephant who plays Rosie. Says Pattinson,: "I've never been next to such an enormous animal who is so graceful around people."

From People Magazine - January 10, 2011 issue.
HQ Scans , Thanks to ___thatshott via via

Thanks debrad777 via H2OforElephants

Old/New Outtake of Rob

Updated! Added the pic ET's slideshow

Moment of Clarity
In this twitpic 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson leaned on a chalk board that asked a pointed question.

@sshining I was just thinking this would be my motto for the new year, and a nice Xmas present for the RPatt fans!
via todotwilightsaga

UNF! I love guns! *dead*