RobSten FanVid: The Story So Far

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Heartwarming vid by Jess/HoneyBuzy.  "Just Say Yes" Kristen!
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Rob at the Hollywood Film Festival Gala 2008

Why so cute Rob?
lol at the flower.
Love those blonde whiskas. Purr kitty.

Oldies but goodies. From October 27, 2008.
And since I didn't have the blog back then, I thought I'd post and share these beauties.
He won the New Hollywood award that night, btw.

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Kristen in People Magazine for WTTR

I think that's a new still of Doug and Mallory. Nov 8th issue.
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Old/New Pics of Kristen at the WTTR-LAFF Q and A

Los Angeles Film Festival - June 25, 2010

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Breaking Dawn in Rio Updates. The TwiTrinity in Brazil? Shooting will take "5 days of intense work"

According to one source/
"Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner land in Brazil next Friday, November 5, to begin testing the scenes of Breaking Dawn, says Brazil's largest newspaper Globo. The newspaper said the trio would return later this month to begin filming scenes. The neighborhood of Lapa will be used as the backdrop."

According to information from from lulacerda journalist , filming would take place in Rio on the 6th, and in Paraty on  7 and 8 of November. The journalist also claims that there is no official word on this though.

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More from Sergio Sa Leitao/ssl_riofilme

 New from ssl_riofilme

Google translation.
"We did our part. Make feasible the filming of Dawn in Rio P / bring investment, promote the city and give more realism to the film."

"We can't turn something positive into a negative. Having BD film here is better than not, right? So let's celebrate.

"About Dawn ... Safety standards have nothing to do with the fans. And it is normal w / a movie this size. Will be five days of intense work."

Added: No fan event, just filming.
"Q We want everything runs smoothly and on time. This is a film d, d not a promotional tour. The conditions are determined by producers"  via gossip_dance

I think the journalist was not informed that the Isle Esme scenes are the honeymoon scenes and does not include Taylor's character. lol 
Please take note that nothing is definite about the dates, so this is labeled under rumored info.
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'Welcome to the Rileys' Trailers and Clips

All the released trailers and clips of 'Welcome to the Rileys'
Now showing, please do not miss this beautiful film.
Check your local theater listings. More theaters opens on November 5th

Spoiler warning

RobSten FanVid: Private Emotion


Old/New Pics of Kristen at the 2007 LA Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Some are old, some are new to me. I just posted everything in case you guys missed these.

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Screencaps: Rob on 'Regis and Kelly' November 2009

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Kristen's WTTR- LA Times Shoot - Tagged HQs

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Old/New Pics of Kristen from 'In the Land of Women'

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Rumors: Rob taking Boating Lessons for 'Breaking Dawn'?

As of today, we know The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will head off to Brazil for production of at least some of the scenes which take place in that nation.

One of those scenes is where "Edward" takes "Bella" to "Isle Esme" in a boat.

According to one source, Robert Pattinson (who, obviously, portrays the character) has been seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (also a prominent filming location for Breaking Dawn) learning how to drive a boat on one of the state's rivers.

"... that Rob was on a river in Baton Rouge early this morning, driving a “speed boat” with an instructor. We’re told by another source that he was followed by a rescue boat with certified scuba divers — just in case."

The speculation offered is that Pattinson is learning to drive a boat in preparation for the scene mentioned above.

If authenticity in presentation is the goal of this film (which seems to be the case with the Brazil filming location news), it makes sense that Pattinson would need to take boating lessons for that scene.


Labeled as rumor because the original source is blah. Let's wait for developments...

'Breaking Dawn' to be filmed in Rio in November

The The President of Rio Film Commission - Sergio Sa Leitao has finally confirmed that Breaking Dawn production is headed to Rio:

The rest of the tweets  translated - The Part where he talks about BD

"The mayor Eduardo Paes and governor Sérgio Cabral were directly involved in getting Breaking Dawn to be filmed in Rio."
"An estimated investment of U.S. $2 million into the Rio's economy. Apparently everything confirmed for Breaking Dawn's team to film here"
"I can't say anything else. Count on your understanding."
"All security measures are being taken to allow a calm shoot. Rio's Government will provide all the support necessary"
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Updated: Other information released by Lu Lacerda columnist of Ig, also announced filming in the historic town of Paraty - Rio coast - scheduled for November 7th and 8th, according to sources close to the production of "Breaking Dawn". So the scene to be shot in Rio would be filmed on November 6th, however no official announcement has been made. source Translated by melcitron at pattinsonlife

Hello Isle Esme?! There are lots of pristine islands in Rio.