Another Possible Rob and Kristen Sighting. Bought Some Video Game.

More Updates:  So according to this - they were really there. Thanks to @amy73 for this FB cap link. Enough on this sighting... moving on. lol

Updated! From RPattzBaby" Someone from Baton Rouge has just told me she stopped by at Prairieville Video game shop and was told it's not true that Robsten went there."

Pfft! And we were having so much fun with this Okay, its really hard to trust sightings or information these days. Lots of folks taking advantage of the situation. Anyway, take everything with truckloads of salt, as usual.

I still wish this one is true. :)

via/ via RPattzBaby
The Facebook entries are more than 5 hours ago. The time delay between the sighting and the post is intentional for obvious reasons.  Location is just in the outskirts of Baton Rouge.

Aww... Patterson is so cute, he should come with Stuart, no?

Thanks to my twitter wifey BraGirl2 for this inspired funnies. Just imagining Rob and Kristen playing games in their playroom is so cute. Woah! Not the kind Fifty has, but then again... I hope R/K have a pool table in their playroom, gameroom