James Gandolfini's Interview with NY Times. Talks about Kristen

NY Times So, are you a big fan of “Twilight”?
JG: Actually I’ve never seen it.

NYT: Did you tell Kristen that?
JG:Well, she didn’t ask. I don’t think she watched “Sopranos” much.

NYT: Do you worry about typecasting? In this role you’re sort of a surprise softie.
JG: I read a lot of different stuff. Mostly it’s not a lot of that stuff anymore with shooting and killing and dying and blood. I’m getting a little older, you know. The running and the jumping and killing, it’s a little past me.

NYT: So it was only the nonviolent script that attracted you to this?
JG: I found out Kristen was going to do it. I saw her in “Into the Wild.” Some people kind of jump off the screen because they’re — actually, it had nothing to do with her beauty. She’s beautiful, but her intelligence seemed to leap off the screen. I thought, this is a smart young girl. And Jake Scott, I know his uncle — Tony [Scott] actually gave me my first big film [“True Romance”]. It was different from something I played before, and I thought the script had some humor in it. I have not seen the movie yet so I don’t know how much humor we kept, but I thought it was good and interesting and had a pretty good point.

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