Gossip Cop: Rob and Kristen Have No Plans for Hiatus

GossipCop“Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart want to follow in the footsteps of Johnny Depp!” declares Showbiz Spy.  Oh? How so? Well, “sources” for the site say the pair plans to “take some time off” after Breaking Dawn is completed, and want to choose to work only when they want. “After Twilight they are aiming for a Johnny Depp level of fame — to work when they want but to get peace and quiet when they don’t,” reports one “source.”

Hmm. That sounds like pretty much every actor’s goal.  But Showbiz Spy isn’t done speculating. “Right now, neither has accepted a role after Twilight so they may even take a whole year off,” claims the site.

Wait, Pattinson and Stewart might both take all of 2011 off entirely? That seemed like a stretch.  Probably because rumors of an extended period away from Hollywood for both of them are not true.

A source close to Pattinson tells Gossip Cop that while nothing is announced, the actor has “a lot” of roles that he is “considering” for after Breaking Dawn.

And as Gossip Cop reported last week, Stewart is hoping to work next on the drama An American Girl, even though no timetable is set.

Just because the calendar ahead is less hectic than Pattinson and Stewart’s hectic 2008-2010, it doesn’t mean there are any plans to take a hiatus from movies.

I was just supposed to pass this rumor by but I received 2 emails asking me about this so-called hiatus. Good thing GossipCop took notice.