Kristen in Star Inc Mag - Canada Scans and Translation

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Updated! With Translation. Special thanks to Sue for sending in the translation via email. Thanks also to Lena and lala/c. I think the interviewer is pretty close to Kristen, above picture.

Star Inc:You will yet again will take on the part of Bella, with the beginning of making Breaking
Dawn, the final instalment of the Twilight Saga…

Kristen: I hope that I will manage to make the people forget Bella some years from now, once Twilight will definitely be over. In the meantime I follow the evolution of Bella in becoming a vampire. The making of BD offers a mulitide of challenges. I love that!

SI: Would you like to become a vampire in real life?
K: No, I like the idea of aging and dying eventually. Ask me the question again in 40 years, when I will be old and wrinkly – then I will maybe give you an answer which is quite contrary! (laugh)

SI: Bella will get all the powers that the Cullen members have. Which one would you really like to possess?
K: I would love to read people's thoughts. I often wonder what the people I talk to think and if they are telling me the truth…

SI:  What do you do to find inner peace?
K :  I know my limits and I understand what to do in order not to go beyond them. I love it much more to listen than to talk. I was in terror during my first encounters with the press. I was afraid of the questions, afraid not to know what to answer, afraid to say something stupid or to come across like an idiot.

SI:  And today?
K: It is different with you. I have the impression that we talk to each other several times a year, and that for years…

SI:  That is not too far from the truth!
K:  I know(laughs). That's why I am less timid, but don't try to take advantage of this!

SI:  When will you finally reveal the nature of your relationship with Robert?
K: Let us meet again in a couple of years, after the final cut of the making of Twilight, and
then I will tell you everything… or almost everything (laughs).

SI: Robert said that you wouldn't hesitate to tell him if he makes a mistake or if he should
redo a scene. Is that true?
K:  It is true that it happened that I asked the producer to redo a scene because I thought Rob could have done it better. And he is grateful for that every time! (laughs)

SI: Robert also says that he wouldn't dare to tell you the same for fear that you might tell
him to go to hell (don't know if the expression comes across that harsh… could also be "Piss off")
K:  He is a liar! (laughs) He constantly challenges me in front of the cameras and he constantly makes me surpass myself when acting. In fact we have been challenging (can't find the exact translation but she means that she corrects him and vice versa if they are not happy with the scenes) each other for years, and we know
each other by heart. It is similar with Taylor. I know when he could do better.

SI:  And you manage to get used to the Twilight-craze? Is it easier for you to cope with it?
K: Let's say that I managed to appreciate our fans. But normally no one can get used to finding oneself on a stage in front of 20 000 people who scream, like it happened to us in Munich recently. This is really so weird, that I can not really describe what I feel about it!

SI: It is said that you are imprisoned in your hotel room when you travel…
K: That is ridiculous! (laughs) I read all the lies that are being written about me, and 99% of it is wrong! But I am a control freak. That is the perfectionist side of me. That's why I need to know what others say about me.

SI: Some compare you with Angelina Jolie. Do you take this as a compliment?
K: I don't have the impression that I resemble her physically. But Angelina is a great actress who has made some excellent choices in her career. I really don't see who people can compare me to her…

SI: People say that you are one of the sex-symbols of our generation…
K: Me? A sex-symbol (breaks out with laughter). I am only the girl from Twilight! Many peoplestill don't know my name and call me Bella on the street. But I am not doing this job in order to achieve a certain grade of popularity.

SI:  Let's talk about Welcome to the rileys, A movie that you are really proud of and which will be shown this month in many cinemas in the USA.
K: It is because of movies like that, that I wanted to become an actress. For me there is no stronger emotion than that to play a girl that I will probably never become. The life of Mallory, my character, is complex. She is only 16 and she survives by selling her body. Her whole existence will change when a man offers
her to pay her simply for living with him, without sex, without physical contact. Just to be by his side.

SI:  Are you not afraid that your fans will be shocked to see this heavy movie?
K: It is not a movie with nudity. Apart from that you only see me once when I am doing a
strip-tease. I hope that the young girls will go and see WTTR because there really are young people who have a terrible and complex life like the one of my character…

SI: How did you prepare to play Mallory?
K: I met girls who helped me to play her, a messed up girl, as if she had lost her identity and humanity… The hardest thing was to make it clear that there is a glimmer of hope, but also to show it when is really breaking down. That is what makes her meet Doug Riley.

SI: James G. plays Doug. How did this collaboration work?
K: It was something exceptional that has develop between us. We really quickly became friends.

SI: Do you worry about the life after Twilight?
K: What fills me with passion are the stories and characters that force me to embody someone. My work is the same, that I toil for a production with an enormous budget like BD, or a movie like WTTR. It doesn't make a difference to me. I have just spent the Walter Salles for the making of On the Road. To participate in a play based on a book by Jack Kerouac with a great director, along with actors that I respect, like Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen, well, that is why I do this work…