Kristen's Interview with Moviefone. Q and A . Talks Oscar Buzz, Breaking Dawn, and More

1, What did you do to prepare for such a gritty role?
2. Were you nervous about the wardrobe?
3. The movie generating Oscar Buzz. Do you ever choose roles with The Oscars in mind?
4.What is the craziest thing  a fan has done to you?
5. What are you looking forward in 'Breaking Dawn'?
6. What is you favorite vampire movie?

We got a chance to chat with the actress about how she prepared to take on the role of a stripper and her thoughts about wardrobe in the film (she wears some killer high-heeled shoes). Stewart also addressed the Oscar buzz she's garnered for this role and, of course, what she's most looking forward to in the final installment of the Twilight Saga. And we just had to ask what her favorite vampire movie is.

Moviefone viaRobStenLoveCom/ouchimadiva