Rumors: Rob and Kristen Filming a Volvo Ad? Updated!

Updated! MagdaAninat sent this video of a crew shooting a Twilight - Harry Potter Parody. Check the school images at 1:43. What do you think? I think mystery solved.

Check the pic again- you can see the Hagrid guy standing beside the girl - facing the Edward and Bella actors.

ETA:  The confusion continues. People are saying that the pics below was from today while they were filming a Volvo  ad. Three sources( 1/ 2/3 ) have tweeted showing the same blurred scene, same angle, same spot but different pics. So maybe it is true. I don't know... Maybe they are indeed filming an ad with the same Eclipse which is too weird.  

Thanks to Robsten Latino for the third source.

Updates via
RT @wantsomeRpattz omg edward and bella are filming a volvo commercial!!
RT @wantsomeRpattz they're here at my school!! Sorry trying to get a better picture!!
RT @yrffej24 There filming twilight at my schoool..!!!! Everybodys going fucken crazy. Not kidding.. (source is from Los Angeles)
RT @wantsomeRpattz Asked a crew member and found out that filming is going on till 10pm!!

Another Update! People are saying this was 'The Hillywood Show' cast and crew  filming their Eclipse parody, which is also a possibility.

Maybe more pics will pop up. And they say this is in Los Angeles.. for more added confusion. lol

 The clearest pic zoomed in.
Looks like Eclipse? Yes? No?

3 different pics, 3 different sources ( 1/ 2/3 ). Same angle, same spot.

source KillerCortez

Added old set pics for reference.