More Fan Pics and Video of Rob from the BD Stockholm Fan Event

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Thanks to Mija/@Mijaloow of Sweden for sending these. More pics from our dear Mija were posted here last October

More pics and vid  under the CUT

More Fan Pics From the BD LA and London Premieres


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More fan photos from the LA and London Premieres - under the CUT.

Beautiful HQ Portraits of Kristen- Eclipse Press Con

Some new, some old... all breathtakingly beautiful.

Eclipse LA Press Conference - June 12, 2010
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Thanks so much Linda of kstewartfans

Rob is E! Celeb of the Year


EOnline Sixty-four celebs, five weeks of voting, four fiercely contested brackets and a surprising wild card round later, Robert Pattinson comes out on top.The great-haired hunk has won the E! Celeb of the Year honor—for the second year in a row!

Team Jacob and Twilight haters can get to steppin' because the evidence is crystal clear: You guys love R.Pattz. And what's even better? Pattinson's competitor for the final round of 2011's tournament was his "sexy goddess" Kristen Stewart. Again.

Here's how it went down:
More than a month ago, we introduced the 64 big-name contenders—Kate Middleton, Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, to name a few—who all had a lot going on this year. (For the record, the new Duchess of Cambridge came super close to grabbing this title.)

So what made Rob stand out above all the pop stars, royals, Oscar winners and warlocks who dominated 2011?Was it all about the jaw-dropping Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the sparkly vamp's latest blockbuster, which hit theaters last month and is still making bank? Or was it his bold steps to more challenging roles like Cosmopolis? Or maybe it was that mind-of-its-own hair or his? Or was it just the smooch?

Whatever the case may be, we clearly can't escape the power of Pattinson. Congrats, Rob!
 The question remains: What charity will he choose to have E! donate the $25,000 prize? We'll keep you posted.

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Nick Frost Praises Kristen's Dedication in SWATH

MTV One of Snow White’s trusted dwarves, Nick Frost, assured MTV News that Stewart does more than enough to prove herself.

It was our last day on Friday, and she has kind of a big rabble rousing speech, and she’s great. She’s fun on set. She’s a fantastic actress,” said Frost while promoting “The Adventures of Tintin.”

Frost feels that people can discount Stewart unfairly because of her previous work, but there are a few things they don’t keep in mind. “I think people forget she’s fairly young still, but she’s dedicated and she wants to do a good job,” he said. “Often, I don’t think people take that into consideration. She’s doing ‘Twilight’ and stuff like that, but she’s dedicated.”

It’s the combination of Stewart’s age and the amount of work that “SWATH” demanded that really left an impression on Frost. “How old is she? Twenty-three, twenty-four?” Frost asked. “I don’t know that many twenty-three or twenty-four year-olds that get picked up at 4 am and work until 10 at night, six days a week. She comes on set smiling and laughing, and she knows her lines.”

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SWATH Wrap Party DJ mentions Kristen

Chris Sullivan/ That night I was called upon to DJ for the wrap party for the film Snow White And The Huntsman – with its Warhol Factory theme, it was right up my street and an absolutely storming do.

After my first set I bumped into an old friend, Rupert Sanders who directed the film that twists the old Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It stars Kristen ‘Twilight’ Stewart in the title role with Charlize Theron as Queen Ravena.  He then introduced me to Stewart, who, dressed like a young indie kid, I’d completely failed to recognize in the low lights of the club!

But I reckon I redeemed myself: l was the last on the decks and, after mixing Mock and Tuff into Todd Terje’s re-edit of the classic Horse With No Name by America, I saw Kirsten dancing with her hands in the air. Job done says I.

Thanks to cupidscloud via KStewDevotee. Cute gifs source1 source2 via kstewartnews and KStewDevotee

Maybe a little bit of this...

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Pics of Rob Arriving at LAX - December 28, 2011

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ETA: Added a few more via Linda of RPLife

The rest of the HQs under the CUT

RobSten FanVids: All Around to See- BD Promo 2011. R/K Cuteness - I Do Adore.

New 2 fan vids from Libenet and DebbyPiz91/CSI_Robsten Deb on Twitter

All Around to see - BD Promo 2011

Song: Shiny Toy Guns - Season Of Love
The quote at the beginning is from Bill Condon :)

I Do Adore - Kristen's POV

Cosmopolis in Total Film's 2012 Preview
'Could this be the film that makes Edward Cullen cool?'

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New Pics of Rob in London - December 28, 2011

Due to copyright issues I had  to remove the photos, you can still find them at Popsugar

Fan Pics of Rob and Kristen - Comic Con, BD PressCon and LA Premiere

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Hello there proud, PapaStew!

More Pics of Rob - BD LA Premiere


New/Old Pic of Kristen as Bella - Twilight


twiblodwyn via via

Old HQ Pics of Kristen - Vancouver April 14, 2009

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With John Corbett, her co-star in The Messengers. Also in one of the pics, Asst. John.

More HQS under the CUT

New Pics of Rob on Christmas Eve- December 24, 2011


Hello there Beardy Rob! I see Nettie, Tom's ex-gf, also Rob's friend.

More Pics and Vids of Rob and Kristen -UK and LA Premieres and Promo (Kimmel & Handprint Ceremony)

Rob and Kristen at the Breaking Dawn LA Premiere

More pics under the CUT