NinjaRob is Home for the Holidays. London Sightings.

Yes, looks like Rob is home for the Holidays and since its officially Christmas in the UK. Merry Christmas Rob!
Sightings are at least 3 hours ago. 

December 24th
Sighting1 In the same pub as R Patz, how he is a heartthrob I'll never know

Sighting 2 Currently 2 feet from Robert Pattinson - Best. Christmas Present. Ever.


Sighting 3 In the pub, Robert Pattinson is here and Lorraine Pascal. Made sure Lorraine knows wot cheese cake is and how 2 improve stories.
Andytaylor_tv Well the girls are xstatic' as Robert Pattinson is standing next to them in the pub, those were the days...
Yes, this AndyTaylor is the former member of the 80's pop band, Duran Duran. He posted a photo on his Facebook

From Dec 23rd

Sighting1Celeb spot ! Just saw R Patts at the bar at Soho Hotel. Literally full beard and capped up. GS
Ok, Louise just got a cigarette off R Patts. She better not smoke it yfrogpic. GS
R Patts you looked super sad in soho, hope your ok. GS

Thanks to the Twitter ladies esp. @Alice_inTwiland