The Breaking Dawn Part1 Score CD is out Now

The Score for Breaking Dawn Part 1 is finally available from both Amazon and

Previously it was download-only, but now you can get the CD. Carter Burwell is back as composer, and the track listing includes:

1. The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
2. Cold Feet
3. What You See in the Mirror
4. Wedding Nightmare
5. Wolves on the Beach
6. Goodbyes
7. A Nova Vida
8. The Threshold
9. Pregnant
10. Morte
11. Honeymoon in Eclipse
12. A Wolf Stands Up
13. Two Man Pack
14. Don’t Choose That
15. O Negative
16. Hearing the Baby
17. Playing Wolves
18. Let’s Start with Forever
19. It’s Renesmee
20. The Venom
21. Hearts Failing Listen
22. Biting Listen
23. Jacob Imprints Listen
24. You Kill Her You Kill Me Listen
25. Bella Reborn – Carter Burwell

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