Rob on the Cover of Atrevida Mag June 2010- Brazil

I miss Rob!
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Kristen and Taylor's MovieFix Interview Link and Transcript

Watch HERE I will post once a YT version is available.

Special thanks to Frances/FT87 for transcribing.

Interviewer: Guys, thanks for speaking to Movie fix and welcome to Australia.

K and T: Thank you

I: New Moon ends with Edward proposing to Bella, what can fans expect for Eclipse?
T: A lot!
K: *laughs*
T: A lot! A lot more! It’s really the height of the love triangle in the series. The 3 of them are physically together the entire time, so it adds a lot of tension and difficult choices for this one.
K: Yeah, you’re not quite sure what decision she’s going to make at the end of that. But at the same time she hasn’t really indulged herself in terms of actually considering Jacob as a real thing, and in the third one she can’t get away from him and it’s like “Oh, ok, this is actually more real than I thought”

I: Speaking of not being able to get away from him there’s the infamous tent scene where the 3 of you are camping out in the snow. What was that like to film?
T: It was a lot of fun. It was. For me it’s just because it was the first time that Jacob and Edward are actually able to connect on a level, and share their feelings with one another. And it’s tense. It’s really tense!
K: And it’s in a tent!
T: And it’s also funny too, it’s really funny, just because of the situation. It’s my favourite scene.

Taylor's MTV Movie Awards Promo Spot

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Nope, Tay is not taking over but since we have been featuring the kid with Kristen for the last 48 hours, phew, might as well include his promo spot for the MMAs. Not as funny as Rob, that's for sure.

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I'm still hoping MTV has Kristen's spot with Grossman, too,  That will be epic! She will bitchface the hell out of Tom's character. lol

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Kristen and Tay's Interview with Today's Richard Wilkins

Don't miss this interview! Kristen talks baby dingos, tabloid stuff, and Bella. And Taylor is lovely, too.  The kid is really handling the press very, very well.
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Pics of Kristen and Tay - Luna Park Fan Event - HQ Link

I know you enjoy the HQs so check out the pics posted by ljmd at kstewartfans Part 1 and Part 2

Kristen and Taylor's Interview for Sunrise

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Vid of Kristen and Tay at the Luna Event- Daily Telegraph

Vid by FePattz

More Eclipse Posters

We have seen these images before in puzzles, pins...New layout for Edward and the Cullens.

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Who Mag 'Eclipse' Special

Thanks to Irish Twilight Sisters for the HQ scans. More on their site.

Backstage Pics from the Luna Fan Event

Tay, you're not looking at Kristen's twins, right?  Rob will def go after you. lol

More HQs at kstewartfans

M, the ring on her index finger, right hand says 'hello' in these HQs.

Luna Event Q and A: Kristen is Team Edward!


We all know that Kristen is Team Edward but it feels so good to hear it again and again. She is very, very , very sorry, Taylor. lol

More vids!

Twilight Q and A: Behind-the-Scene Report

NovaFM Are they dating? Even though Robert Pattinson wasn’t sitting beside his Twilight co-stars tonight at Sydney’s Luna Park, trust us, the question about his relationship with the awkward Kristen Stewart was lingering on everyone’s lips.

And as the “bedroom scene” from the upcoming Eclipse movie played out on the big screens, off-camera we saw a frazzled Kristen Stewart mouth the words “Here we go!” to Taylor Lautner, who promptly put his arm around her and gave his mate what looked like a comforting squeeze. Whether this means she was once again dreading the expected questions about her off-screen romance with the once tousled-haired hottie (who just shaved his head for a new movie), we have no idea. If Rob had been there, we might have had the chance to psychoanalyse him too, but he wasn’t, dammit. What do you think?

More Pictures of Kristen and Taylor at Luna Park Sydney Fan Event

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Kristen and Taylor at the Luna Event - May 31, 2010

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